Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas by the Lake

It was the Van Wyk Family's Third(!) Christmas by the Lake experience! It was far better than last year (remember, when my car was broken in to, my purse stolen, and my Northface vest burnt from firework debris!)

It was pretty cold out (windchill negative digits), which kept most people away, but not us! I wasn't too worried that Emi was cold since she fell asleep in her stroller. We skipped the parade and fireworks this year (last year's experience is still too raw in my mind).

 Emi hated the animals, so I was worried how it was going to go with Santa!

 Nice and bundled up! Don't think I'm a bad mom for not putting mittens on her. I tried, but unless I cut off the thumb on the mitten so she can still suck her thumb, it isn't happening!

 The Ringleader!
 Thanks Tony and Sam for trying to hold Emi up on Santa's lap!
 Emi about two seconds before she fell asleep!
 So Tommy and Emi didn't go on the carriage ride, but it didn't stop us!

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's for a snack!

We also watched the movie "We're the Millers" which was very very good!! I highly recommend. We I built towers with the large legos and I we drove the remote control car into it until we knocked it down! I love seeing Emi play with her cousins, and she loves her cousins so much!

I was a little worried about the drive home with the snow, but we got home safely. And the icing on the cake was Tommy being able to start the snow blower without having to call my dad!

Tis the Season!