Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nine Things...

1. I hate and love the "Nine Things" post. I love it because I can inform you on some total randomness in my life, but I hate it because it never provides many details.

2. Tommy and I booked our tickets to Vegas for my birthday! I'm so excited- not only to spend time away together- but tickets were so cheap ($214 round trip plane and $77 per night for Paris Las Vegas). Noting makes this dutch girl happier than a good deal!

3. I've actually been away from Emi a few times so this is not new territory for me, but this (trip to vegas) is Tommy's first time away from Emi. I hope he is not a hot mess over it.

4. In case you were wondering, I still search for a new house

5. This morning when I went to three different places to try to find my husband a bear claw donute (his favorite) and failed, I realized that Ankeny is our home. Even though I usually don't feel over the top about daylight donutes- they do make a good bear claw that apparently Johnston, Urbandale and Clive cannot match.

6. This morning when I was too lazy to find Emi matching socks, I put two different colors on her feet. She looked down at her feet and up at me and said "That's funny!" I assume she means her socks and not my parenting style.

7. This week when I was mediating for an older male attorney he said 'You know, Dawn, I use you as a mediator when I got a dumb female attorney on the other side who I need put in her place." That's a compliment, right?

8. This week I received a phone call from a commercial realtor who pretty much thought because he was an older male and I was a younger female that he could push me around. He obviously didn't get the memo- but I sure gave it to him. Later in the week when he was calling back to try to push somebody around, he called a different partner in my firm (who happens to be male). This is what I call a success. :-)

9. Ankeny is also the place we should call home because our two favorite restaurants are in Ankeny (Thai Flavors and Jethros). Ok, I know Johnston has a Jethros- but it is not the same. Trust me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nine Things...

1. It has been so long since I have blogged I had a hard time finding the button for a "new post."

2. Emi thinks my name is honey. It is so sweet. I say "Emi, just call me honey, ok?" And she says "Ok, Honey!"

3. Speaking of Emi, she likes to talk to herself a lot. Like today she said "Hi, Emi. I like your shoes!"

4. I have some of the greatest friends on Earth, but when I watch reality TV, I cant help but wish those people were my friends too! (Hello Giuliana and Bill!)

5. Not a day goes by where I dont have a conversation with another female attorney about how we picked the wrong profession.

6. I love Bubble Tea. Ever have it? Grab one at A'Dong's next time you are in the downtown area.

7. Every day I reminded that you can't help people who can't help themselves! Ugh!

8. I pretty much always see people blow their inheritance. It make me question why I try to save so much money when Emi will just blow it on something I would never approve of!

9. Emi got a new stuffed dog named Pepper. She likes to point at it and say "It's a monkey!"