Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten Things... Emi Edition!

(Because who doesn't love an Emi edition?!?)

1. Did I ever tell you what a singer this girl is?! Not only has she still not stopped singing a lullaby song she learned from Grandma Takekawa in May (while rocking her baby of course) but she also now sings La Bamba. Okay, she doesn't know all the words, but who does?! She has the sweetest voice!

2. Emi loves the pool. She sees her cousins (first and second) jumping off the diving board and thinks that she can do it too. Sometimes I wish she were just a little more timid.

 3. Okay, Mom's of babies who don't sleep- skip thing number. At bed time, I simply say "Night Night Time." Emi gets up, walks up to her bed, says "Up", cuddles with her baby, sticks her thumb in her mouth, and is out for the next ten hours.

 4. I did it! Pig tails!

5. In the mornings while Tommy and I get ready for work, Emi watches The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Which means its in my head the rest of the day. But watching her hot dog dance is worth the annoyance of that song!

6. Ever since Emi got back from Houston, throwing a ball around is almost as fun to her as taking care of her baby. She actually has a pretty good arm!

7. Emi's got a great tan going on. Especially when she dresses in white.
 8. Every time we are in the car and arrive somewhere. Emi screams and claps in excitement. I guess she doesn't love her carseat so much these days...

9. I can't decide which is better- when Emi leans in and goes "mmmmmm" because planting a kiss on my face, or when I pick Emi up and she pats my back a few times... like she is comforting me.

10. Yep, being a mom is the best. No doubt about it.

I'm Not too Busy to Blog. I'm Not too Busy to Blog. I'm not too Busy to Blog.

Few things annoy me more than people who "I'm far too busy to blog." I think I've written a post about how much that annoys me. This especially annoys me because I have actually become too busy to blog. But that's going to change. I hope.

See, in March when I accepted the partnership at my office, things got really busy. Not just the added pressure of being responsible for my own, and about nine other people's paychecks, but work just got really busy. Every single night I brought work home. Every single weekend I worked. Often both days. And it sucked. And I knew it sucked. But now as things are kind of slowing down, I'm realizing just how awful it is to work that much.

Even if I only brought an hour of work home with me it would ruin my entire night. See, I wouldn't do that work until after Emi went to bed. But it would be on my mind the entire night. Ugh. I didn't realize just how awful it was until tonight, the first night in over three months, where I finally didn't need to bring something home.

Yes, my desk is full of work to do tomorrow. And tomorrow will probably be another stressful day. But for now, I'm not too busy to blog.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Here are three conversations I had today. One I got. One I didn't get. And one I kind of got. See if you can guess...

Conversation 1:

My nephew: "Is Uncle Tommy brown?"
Me: "Yes. What color am I?
Nephew: "Peach."
Me: "What color is Emi?"
Nephew: "Peach."
Me: "And what color are you?"
Nephew: "Black."

Conversation 2:

Janitor: "Be careful that you don't slip."
Me: "Oh, is the floor wet?"
Janitor: "I don't care about the floor, I just don't want you to slip."

Conversation 3:

A note from my Aunt that came with a beach bag, some toilet paper, kleenex and towels:

"Dear Dawn: The beach bag is used but the toilet paper, kleenex and towels are not. Love, Your Aunt"