Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Things...

Here are ten things I'm not good at:

1. Soccer.  I don't even know the rules. Seems confusing.

2. Spending more than $200 in a day. Its really difficult for me to spend money. Don't get me wrong, I can drop money on groceries, a nice outfit for my daughter, or a nice dinner with my family, but when it comes to buying something that costs more than $200. I fret. I over analyze. I put myself through a huge guilt trip. And I generally don't purchase. I'm already mentally preparing for needing to buy a new vehicle in a few years.

3. Scrubbing the shower. I seriously lack this skill, but Tommy knows it and takes over this duty in the house. In fact, the way I get him to scrub the shower is to pretend I'm going to do it myself.

4. Keeping my dislike for something or somebody to myself. Perhaps this is why people are never confused as to whether I like them or not.

5. Parking. I can generally get my car between the lines, just not parallel to the lines. I'm beginning to think the lines are painted crooked at my office.

6. Being away from home. I love to travel except for when I actually do travel. Then I find that I really only like the idea of traveling, and I would much rather be at home.

7.  Listening to voicemail. That little red light causes me anxiety at the office. And my cell phone? Forget it. I never listen to those messages.

8. Filling up my car with gas before the gas light appears. I know it's bad on my car to drive it down to the scary stage of not even knowing whether you will make it to the station. But I do that. Every single time. On the bright side, I've never run out of gas.

9. Keeping blankets on the bed at night. Every morning I wake up with my comforter laying on the floor at the foot of my bed. I generally wake up cold, so it'd be nice to know just exactly how this is happening.

10. Thinking of the tenth item to post on my "Ten Things" lists.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Smarty Pants

My little girl has been impressing me so much lately.

For many months now we have been teaching Emi to say goodbye to us or family and friends anytime the situation is appropriate. And for the last several months, when prompted, Emi would wave goodbye accordingly. But now in the last few weeks she has been doing more. She was ready to leave the tile shop last night. How do I know? She started waving goodbye to the tiles. Oh, and the stranger that got a little too close to us at WalMart, well, she waved goodbye to them too. She is even waving goodbye to food I put in front of her that she doesn't want to eat. My favorite is when she waves and says "BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Or how about her ability to use words in appopriate situations. Sure, she only knows a few words, but she has totally perfected the use of them. If I hand her a glass of water she hands it back to me and says "No!" She wants chocolate milk instead! Also, when I hand her the glass of water, before even tasting the liquid, she holds the glass up and looks at the color. If she sees its anything but chocolate milk, it gets handed back to me.

It's so interesting that I never had to teach her that she could just look at the color of the liquid rather than tasting it to see what she wanted. I never taught her that she could wave goodbye to people or things she didn't want to be around instead of just using it when people are leaving. At 14 months, she learned it all on her own.

Which is why I'm left a little confused. Why can my 14 month old pick up these little cues in the world without being taught, yet fully educated people to whom I try to explain simple concepts, simply can't pick it up. It's strange, really.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Mr. Co-Worker

Dear Mr. Co-Worker,

I'm sorry to hear you're not happy about me arriving a few minutes late to the office today. I'm also sorry you didn't have the decency to tell me to my face. See, while you just had to get out of bed and get ready for work, I did that, but also got my children out of bed, dressed, fed, and dropped off at the sitter. Don't worry, I'll still get more done at work today than you.

Oh, you have a busy week you're not looking forward to? All my weeks are busy. Not only do I work a full time job, but I'm a full time parent, wife, and organizer of all things to do with my home and family. This means I average at least one load of laundry a day, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, clean the baby's mess, cook, clean, put the baby to sleep, and run more of the errands for my household. And that's in addition to being responsible for assembling all baby books, signing child up for all activities, and paying all the bills.

What's that you say? You go to the grocery store sometimes, too? I know! I saw the stupid sign on the grocery store window that said "Think! Know where your child is at all times!" There is no way a Mom would need a reminder to remember if she left her child unattended in the car. I always know where my child is, just like I always know what ingredients I have in my cupboard, and how much money I have in my bank account. That's why I don't have to waste time balancing my checkbook like you, Sir. It's already done in my head.

I know you took work home with you last night and did it while your wife cooked dinner. I took work home last night too. But I didn't do it while somebody cooked dinner for me.  You know that approximately hour and a half between your kids bedtime and your bed? Yes, that is when I did my work.

So, Mr. Co-worker, stop insutling me by pretending like you think I am equal to you. I exceed your efforts. Every. Single. Day.

Your Female Coworker

[Editor's Note. A warning about this post. I'm not a feminist. I have a wonderful husband who very much helps run this household and parent our child. And this post is not necessarily representative of any male co-workers I have or have had in the past. It's just an illustration of how I think Mom's are superheros.]

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful to celebrate  my husband's birthday with him! Happy Birthday, my love!

I'm thankful for Emi's attempts to say happy birthday to her daddy. It sounded like "Happy de (long pause) daddy!"

I'm thankful for the nice few days of weather and the helpful hands that assisted in getting my backyard pool ready! oh yah!

I'm thankful that I finally got Emi's first year baby book done!

I'm thankful for the extra chicken in my palmer's salad. Tots got my money's worth.

I'm thankful for the moments Emi peeks around the corner and says "hiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Takekawa's Songs

Here is the song Emi always sings:

Deeda Deeda Dadada
Deeda Deeda Dadada
(repeat. over and over)

Here is Tommy's song:

Pia Pia Pia Pee
Pia Pia Pia Pee
(repeat. over and over.)

And here is song Tommy always sings to Emi:

Emi-Chan. Emi-Chan. Genki desuka. Emi Chan.
Coo Coo Coo Cooooooooooooooo.

I asked Tommy to translate:

"Emi Dear. Emi Dear. Are you happy? Emi Dear."

Then I asked "What does the Coo Coo Coo Coooooooooooo" stand for?

He said: "Oh, honey, that's just a noise I made up for the song."

The song was so good I never imaged he just made it up himself.

Oh, and Emi loves the song too!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A $50 Deed...

Need some legal work done? My office charges $50 for a deed. It is prepared at the direction of an attorney by a paralegal or legal assistant. Then reviewed by an attorney. My assistant said to me the other day while reviewing one "Look, that's $50 right on your desk." Temporarily confused and excited, I began looking for a $50 bill. "No No! The Deed!" She said. "You get $50 for that deed!"

Please. $50. Yah right. Let me tell you about how much I get for that Deed....

First, I need to pay for an advertisement in the phone book to let you know I can even do this deed for you. Then I need to pay for a space to have my office. Then I need to pay for a person to answer your phone call. Then I need another person to transfer you to when I am unavailable to take your phone call. Then I need to pay for the telephone that the staff used to talk to you. And the computer. And printer. Ink for the printer. And paper. Pen. Employer Tax. A Retirement Account for them. Every once in a while I gotta pay for the food to feed them. That's on top of the lights, internet, heat, malpractice insurance, general liability insurance, et cetera. And then I pay the accountant to pay all those bills and figure out how much I can pay myself. Then after all that I have to pay the other two shareholders in my office to allow me the opportunity to earn money?!

Oh, and by the way, that's assuming you even pay your bill. Because you probably already feel that I overcharged you for that deed.

So then assuming all of that- which of course is a big assumption- and assuming that I did enough deeds to cover all the expenses listed above (because I could do all of that and not have enough money to pay myself) then I get to fund my own retirement account. That's right- nobody but me is putting money in the retirement account. There is no employer contribution when you are the employer. Oh, and I pay 100% of my health insurance. And then I pay my employer contribution of my wages (7.5%). Then we get to the point where we can discuss what amount I get to take home. But wait- Paid Holidays for me? Yah right. I pay my staff holidays and sick leave, but if I'm not there to do the work then I'm not getting paid.

Then I pay myself a wage. Which again applies the FICA tax, a federal tax and a state tax. So finally I get some money in my pocket. I use this money to pay the for gas to get to work and a  babysitter to watch Emi so I can go to work tomorrow and do the exact same thing.

Being The Boss is the best!

Emi Update

Wondering what my little girl is up to? Don't worry. I'll fill you in.

Emi is loving this warmer weather. With her new pair of Nikes on, she is exploring the back deck almost every evening. She is also loving some walks around the block in her stroller.

Emi has some more teeth coming in. That coupled with the flu last week made for one unhappy baby. I feel so fortunate to have found those teething tabs. Her face lights up when I hand one to her.

Her hair is getting so long, but is not yet long enough to put in a pony. (I know because I check several times a day). Today when I was combing her hair she did grab the comb from me so she could do it herself. Which she did. Once. And then used the comb as a drumstick.

Chocolate Milk. Girl's favorite food. By far. And, just so you know, my mom makes it better than I do. I tried to make her some from "scratch" the other day. She returned to send quite unhappy. My mom got up and like quadrupled the chocolate, and we had one happy girl again.

It wont be long before Emi starts taking care of Tommy and I. She is already such a good caregiver to her baby, which Tommy and I have renamed Molly the Dolly. She watches me take care of the dolly and then does the same thing. Often we pat Molly nicely. Then the other day in church Emi turned to me and started patting me with her eyes saying "There There, Mama."

I downloaded a few new apps on the ipad. Her favorite is the piano that we play together. That could entertain her for hours!

Other favorite toys include the silverware in the play kitchen and her chair that Tommy and I got her from Pottery Barn Kids. Ok, that chair might have been a little expensive, but she loves that chair so much. We are definitely getting our money's worth.