Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Things....

Here are ten things going on around the Takekawa Household:

1. I hate when people say "How do you blog? I'm so busy I could never blog." I find that so annoying because I generally feel that I'm just as busy as anybody else. Well, recently I haven't really had time to blog because I've been really really busy. So that begs the question- am I now just finally as busy as the rest of the world?

2. I got Emi some balloons for her first birthday 3.5 months ago. One is still up!

3. I'm still in love with Barkeeper's Friend (the cleaner). Check out the job it did on my dishwasher!



4. Right now Emi singing songs from her bed. Too bad she only knows about 2 lines of 3 songs. She is singing the same things over and over again. But I could listen to it all night. Such a sweet little voice that girl has!

5. Speaking of my sweet little girl- check out these jammies Grandma Takekawa got her in Japan. They say "We are lovely dreamers." I wonder what the manufacturer typed in to google translate in order to get that phrase!

6.  I went into work for a few hours today. When I came home I found these two napping- like this!

7. I've been eyeing this storage system from pottery barn for Emi's playroom for quite some time. I just couldn't bring myself to buy them because the storage alone costs more than all the toys I had ever bought for Emi. This weekend I found a different storage system for her playroom. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Oh, and it was one-fifth the price of the pottery barn!

What do you think?!

8. When I go to work- this is what it looks like:

9.  This girl has become quite the little climber! Lots of bumps and bruises but no trips to the ER.... yet....

10. I'm so excited because all day tomorrow its going to feel like Monday but it will already be Tuesday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Emi Update

Photo: Hello Summer!

Ahhh! I can't imagine there is much better in the world than being the mama to this sweet little lady. Tommy and I Emi went to visit his family for a week, and she did a whole lot of growing while she was gone. I missed her so much, but was happy that she got to spend time with Tommy's family.

This is what's new. Emi had her 15 month check up. She is up to 24 pounds and 31.5 inches. The rest of the kids are catching up to her.

She is awesome at blowing kisses, giving regular kisses (still open-mouth), waiving hello and goodbye. She is great at saying up when she wants both up or down. She says "hi" quite well. Bye too! And of course, her greatest development is her ability to sing. Seriously, this girl hears a song, and she may not know the words, but she sure knows the tunes. It's so sweet!

We took Emi out for her first swim of the season. She loves the water. We are bound to have hours of fun this summer in the pool.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Emi is how fun she is. She can find anyway to have fun. She thinks anything she does is fun. And she think most people she meets are funny.

I can't wait to see what the next 15 months have coming... or maybe I can. Time goes way too fast!

Monday, May 13, 2013

To The Best Mom in the World...

Tommy and Emi have been in Houston since last Wednesday. I miss them. Dearly. They'll be home on Wednesday. And I can't wait to have my family back home. 

In the meantime, I'm reminded about what a wonderful family I do have. While Tommy has been gone my mom has kept me busy, helping me clean my pool, clean my garage, shop at Sam's club, plant flowers, whatever it takes. 

As I was filling my day with work and other things I said to my mom "Do you think when Emi grows up she will appreciate all the things I am doing for her to try to make her future better?"
My Mom said "I don't know- did you appreciate those things?"

Sadly, I probably do not express my appreciation enough. And sometimes it's easy to forget that all the things my mom does for me is not because she is obligated but because she wants to. I'm so blessed to have her.

So, Mom, thanks for everything you do for me.  And thanks for being such a wonderful, thoughtful and caring Mom to me. And Erin. Oh, and you're the best Grandma for Emi. And Anthony. And Sam. Oh, and thanks for paying for my college.

[Insert embarrassing picture of Mom for 1980s]

Funny Conversations....

While driving through the mall parking lot with my dad, he says "These days I don't honk at anybody unless I'm armed."

Me: "Did you ever play four square in elementary school?"
Tommy: "Is that the one where you jump one-two-one-two."
Me: "No. that is hop scotch."
Tommy: "Then no."

Dad after listening to a sermon about the lack of relationship between money and the feeling of content: "Well, I'd rather be rich and content than poor and content."

Friday, May 10, 2013

"I Find Everything on the Internet These Days"

This morning while at the courthouse waiting for my hearing I had a few minutes to chat with one of my law school classmates and fellow colleagues (who also was a few years ahead of me in high school).  He was telling me about what a wonderful caretaker he has for his daughter. I asked him where he found her.

He replied:

"I found my nanny on the internet. Just like I found my wife on the internet. If I need anything. I just get on the internet."

I giggled at my friend and continued on with my day. Now as I sat down after a long day and drew out the long list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend I began to feel a little stressed. That stressful feeling made me think of the radio station I listen to everyday which always asks "Is your soul overwhelmed?"

Suddenly I asked myself that question. Is my soul overwhelmed? I had no idea! So, like my friend advised me, I looked it up on the internet. As it turns out, my soul isn't overwhelmed at all. I'm just busy!

Is your soul overwhelmed?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Mediation that Almost Changed Me...

Last week I hosted eight Mediations. And that is just too much for me. So much that Mary covered about five of them for me.

One of these mediations I hosted an extremely young new mom, fresh out of rehab. (Dad was appearing by phone, still white knuckling it in rehab).

Mom was a waitress at a local restaurant that I visit about once or twice a year. And I bet you do too.

For the first time in a long time I felt really bad for Mom. Dad is totally uninterested in parenting with her. It will be a long time before she earns much more than a minimum wage job. During the mediation she had some concerns about meeting Dad approximately three hours away from Des Moines for her son to be able to see Dad. She didn't have the money to drive the child that far a few times a month. And Dad, jobless, was hardly paying any support.

And I felt about sick when she pulled out her wallet to pay me for my services. I surely earned in just a few hours what it was going to take her all week to earn.

As she left Mediation that day I swore to myself I was going to become a better tipper. I'm not an awful tipper, I don't think. I mean, I leave at least 15% but never more than 20%. Obviously these people waiting tables aren't doing it because it was their lifetime goal or desire. And for a moment my faith was restored in the human race. I was going to start tipping so generously so these people could drive their kids to see their dad's in rehabs.

So the first opportunity presented itself on Friday. Tommy and I went to a burger place in Des Moines. Its a place where you order at a cash register and go sit down- nobody actually waits on you. But there is a fishbowl on the counter for tips. I contemplated for a moment not tipping at all. I mean, why am I tipping somebody who just rang up my order? They aren't serving me my food, refilling my drink, or cleaning up after I leave. Its not expected that I tip the cashier at the grocery store or gas station.  But I disregarded that and placed the tip in the fish bowl.

As I walked away Tommy said "I'm surprised you put all that money in that bowl."
I paused for a moment: "I think that person needs that money more than me."
Tommy: "So he can go get more earrings tattoos and waste the rest on booze?"
Me: "No, they are going to use it to pay for gas to visit their children."
Tommy: "You're crazy

He was right. I'm not going to do that again...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Since I Last Blogged...

Since I last blogged I...

... got food poisoning and throw up right outside of Younkers. For those of you keeping track, that is two of the four Younkers in Des Moines I have vomited in.

... went and looked at a house and decided NOT to buy it.

... helped my husband plan a surprise (more on that later).

... turned 30. So far so good!

... paid off my third year of law school. Only two years left to pay on!

... received my restitution money from when my purse was stolen back in December.

... bought a new purse!

... contemplated quitting my job... again. (I know you will all be so relieved when I finally do, right?)

... got Emi's one year photos back!

... watched Emi treat her cousin Sam (just 7 weeks younger) like he was her dolly!

... had some great lunches and dinners with great friends and family.

... continued to be blessed beyond belief!