Monday, September 24, 2012

I Do Cook!

"Do you ever cook?" My mom asked me on Friday. I paused for a moment. We weren't in the middle of eating a meal, there had been no discussion about what I had eaten during the week. The fact is, I don't cook that much. I'm an okay cook, but I have a husband who has a mother who is a wonderful cook. So my average cooking is a little below average for him. I started to feel a little defensive. Am I supposed to cook more? It's not like Emi can eat adult food yet, so she is not suffering. And, after all, I am my mother's daughter. And anybody who knows my mom knows she does not cook at all.

Because I hadn't been caught red handed I said "Yes, I cook." That was the truth after all. Sure, I hadn't cooked in the last few week, but I do own an oven, and a stove, and some cooking utensils. And I know how they work for the most part. I think it kind of hit a sore spot with me because Tommy and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about how much money we spend each month on food. Whether it be lunch or dinner, we do spend a considerable amount of our budget on food.

So this week, my friends, I do cook.

I found some great recipes. And after a trip to Sams Club, Costco and Hyvee, I had all the ingredients to get us through the week. I found all these recipes on Pinterest. I have prepared most of them, and I'll have to do when I get home from work is pop them in the oven, whip up a quick side of vegetables, and we'll be set!

I love surfing Pinterest for recipes. I found all these recipes on Pinterest.

I made these pecan rolls on Saturday morning. Seriously to die for. So easy and what made them easier was Pillsbury makes a pastry sheet that I used. Seriously, you must try them!

Tonight for dinner I made this French Onion Soup! I love this recipe. Tommy, who doesn't really like French Onion soup said it was amazing!

I have prepared the ingredients for this following dish. It was super easy to prepare. I hope it tastes okay.

I also have this pork tenderloin dish marinating in the fridge for later this week. I'm somewhat doubtful about this recipe, but I love balsamic vinegar, so it's worth a shot!

My favorite part about making all these dishes tonight was I majority of my dishes are done for the week. I hate doing dishes.

In other news, Emi had sweet potatoes for dinner. She loved them, just like she loves everything else except peas.

Hmmmm... perhaps I should invite my mom over for dinner this week!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Being An Attorney...

Before I get into this post, does it annoy you that I wrote the word attorney rather than lawyer? Well, I am an attorney, not just a lawyer. I'm also a counselor at law, but I don't like to use that word because people get me confused with a mental health counselor. On aside, I hate when doctors call themselves physicians. :-)

I went to law school. To this day, I'm not really sure why. It seemed like a good idea. I sure as $#*! wasn't going to get a full time job at the age of 21 (my age at college graduation). And, with a BA in Psychology- really, what was I going to do?!

Before I went to law school I didn't really know what attorneys did. During law school, I sure wasn't taught what attorneys do. And everyday at my job I think- this is what attorneys do?!?

My first few years out of school I spent some time doing criminal defense work. In fact, I was on the court- appointed list. Meaning, people who couldn't afford an attorney got me as their attorney! Lucky ducks! After representing some fine members of our population (some of which are currently spending more time in prison than what I have currently been living) I decided that this line of work just wasn't for me. I don't regret my time doing criminal work, and I still do some OWI defense. I learned a considerable amount of awesome lingo from my criminal clients. For example, there is the bitch- legally known as The Habitual Offender law. Habitual offender is, in my dad's words a three time felon. Yes, basically somebody who is being convicted of their third felony (its a little more complicated than that, but you get the gist of it). Here is how to use it in a sentence "Yo, I can't plead to that charge because the county attorney is going to hit me with the bitch and I can't spend another five years in prison, I got a baby on the way, yo."  Anytime I can throw the term the bitch in the office, I earn immediate respect among my peers.

More important is my work as a guardian ad litem. In this instance, I serve as an attorney for the child's best interest. I gather a report that I present to a Judge who relies heavily on it in making a ruling. Sometimes its incredibly scary work. Who am I to decide where this child should be spending the rest of their lives? Some days I feel totally unqualified for such a life decision. There is one child I think about often. We'll call this child Evan. See, Evan is an eight year old boy who hadn't had mom involved in his life for many years (she had two other kids who she had her rights terminated). Evan's dad had just died (of a drug overdose I later learned) and was living with his dad's girlfriend who is also the mother of his step-brother. Girlfriend and another random person were fighting for the guardianship of Evan. This other random person, however, had basically served as Evan's mother for about twelve months for a period right before his father's death. I ended up recommending Evan go with random person who he had lived with previously. Yes, this meant pulling Evan out of current school (though sending him back to school he had attended previously), away from his half-sibling, and now adding another change in his life. As it turns out, the Judge agreed with my decision as well. There are many reasons beyond why I recommended random person over girlfriend. I haven't been reappointed to his case which means Evan is probably doing okay with random person. But some nights when I rock my little Emi to sleep I think about Evan, or the other kids like him. I think about the tough lives they have. I tear up over what they have been through in their young lives, and I wonder how they are doing.

Just another day at the office....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funny Conversations Work Edition....

Gary (Business acquittance) who is the father to three unmarried twenties/teenage kids: "Well, I'm going to be a grandpa."
Me: "Yah, Jim (boss) told me you were going through a tough time with your son."
Gary: "Yah, it's my daughter."
Me: (long pause) "Well, congratulations!"

(I may have posted this one before, my apologies if I have.)
Tammie (my secretary): "I'd much rather work for somebody who is conniving like you rather than a B*@#H like her.!"
Me: "Thanks!"

Me: "I told her to do my work, and she said she doesn't want to. What do you want me to do?"
Jeff (boss): "Go back to her and tell her tough shit."
Me: "Ok."

Me while at a Ankeny Chamber Event honoring past chamber presidents: "Who do you think is going to be the president for 2013?"
Gary: "Mitt Romney!"
Me: "No, president of the Chamber!"
Gary: "Oh. Who cares?!"

Client who previously told me that his wife and him were going to stay friends after the divorce: "Hi, Dawn. Forget everything I told you at that meeting we had last week. [Wife] is moving out this weekend and has a new boyfriend. We're not getting along and aren't going to stay friends."
Me: "I know."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Things....

Ten Random Thoughts of Today:

1. In the practice of law, you should always expect the unexpected. And today was no exception. No, it certainly was not.

2. I have a gift. My gift is my ability to piss people off while I am driving without any effort. I usually don't even know why. At least once a week I get the middle bird while driving. Seriously, I have no idea why. This is not good.

3. Emi was so tired tonight that she fell asleep on the hardwood floor and starting snoring. When I picked her up to bring her to bed, she didn't wake up and continued to snore. I heart her.

4. At least twice a week I contemplate quitting my job. I do math equations over and over and think about the sacrifices that we would make just living off of Tommy's income. I become obsessed with these math equations and dream about what I'd do (play with Emi, go running, cook dinner, clean my house). The thing is, my job isn't really that bad, I don't think....

5. Emi has a few Baby Einstein toys that play Classical music. I LOVE Classical music. I often think about what my favorite song is while I play with her. Some songs make me think we are in a movie, some make me think we are in Italy... it is truly fantastic!

6. Tommy told me today "I think we should get a cleaning lady." I said "I've been asking for one for months now! What changed your mind?" Tommy: "I read in magazine last night that getting a cleaning lady could make for a more enjoyable marriage. It will also allow you to focus more on your work so you can make more money." Great Honey. Thanks. (insert sarcasm).

7. I just read my September 2011 blog. Last September Tommy and I took a road trip to Chicago, found out we were having a girl, and bought her her first pair of jeggings.

8. I often think that my baby monitor is like a little ultrasound. When I was reading my blog from last September, I realized that my baby video monitor is nothing like an ultrasound. Weird.

9. I'm still annoyed at the Younkers sales woman regarding that purse (see post- "Right Now...")

10. I've sort of been in a bad mood all day. I think I have a case of the Mondays.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Right Now...

Right Now....

... I'm watching Emi get so close to crawling!

... thinking about whether I want to watch the next 21 episodes of season 8 of Grey's Anatomy. Tommy and I watched the first three episodes, and I'm feeling just really average about it.

... using my new internet service. Ditched mediacom and got a 4G hotspot from Verizon. I wasn't sure since I have never had my own hotspot, but so far so good!

... browsing the internet for the new tablet device I'm going to buy. (I'll probably get an ipad since I am trendy like that).

... taking care of my sick husband. First Emi was sick. Then I was sick. Tommy has been sick for over a week. And I mean sick. Fever. Chills. Ugh.... He went to the doctor on Wednesday and they said he had the flu and sent him home. He was so sick last night that I took him to Urgent Care this morning. He has a true sinus infection (whatever that means). His nose is full of puss, but I still love him. I love him ever more because he was prescribed two medications, and I just need one more now before Target sends me 5% off!

... contemplating whether I will also be purchasing a new purse. Tried to get one today but the Coach lady at Younkers was so rude that I vowed to never buy a purse there again!

... wishing that tomorrow was Sunday, again.

Opposite Office

The Opposite Office- that is where I work. What is so opposite about it, you ask?! Let me see... EvErYtHiNg! (I'm totally into rotating caps and small letters in words right now!).

The staff run the place.

The meanest and rudest employees appear to be the most well-liked by the bosses.

The people with the most items on their calendar are not the people bringing in the most money.

The staff say out loud "I'm going to leave now since my boss isn't here." (as opposed to just saying it to yourself in your head.)

There is no time clock yet a majority of the employees are paid hourly.

We have birthday lunches for employees but often not in the month of their birthday.

Every single employee is given a piece of paper every week that provides information about how much money each attorney brought in that week. (That is really bizarre, right?) Shouldn't that be private?!

Employees are allotted a specific amount of sick leave and vacation yet are paid when they exceed said limits- which happens often.

There are rumors about an employee handbook. I have in fact seen it twice, but I am beginning to think it was a sham and really applied to a different office. For the rules explained in that handbook are nothing I recognize. Yes, my friends, just another day at the law office.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

I'm thankful for paying clients.

I'm thankful for the Younkers Goodwill Sale.

I'm thankful for my new purse that I purchased at the Goodwill Sale, and also thankful that when I told my husband about it, he said "you deserve it" or something like that. ;-)

I'm thankful for the exciting Big Brother Episodes. Team Ian!

I'm thankful for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars!

I'm thankful for my sweet sweet baby girl!

I'm thankful I just cancelled my Medicom service. Seriously, I wouldn't wish that sort of service on anybody!

I'm thankful for my handsome nephew!

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SeVeN mOnThS!

Emi turned seven months last week. Basically this means more love, more smiles, more giggle and more attitude. Contrary to what we once thought, she doesn't love everything. She doesn't always think Tommy and I are funny. In fact, sometimes she finds us kind of annoying.

For some reason she didn't want to smile at all when we pulled the camera out this time. What a little girl she is becoming!

At her six month check up- that was really closer to seven months- she was 19 pounds (89%) and 29 inches (99%). She is going to be a tall girl, just like the mail man her Great Uncles! Emi was getting so heavy in her infant carrier and had nearly outgrown it, so we bumped her up to this big girl seat. This should get her through her 14th birthday.

 The new car seat is great because she is so curious that this allow her to see a lot more. This also means that when we go to the store or restaurant that she rides in the cart or highchair.
 Above: Checking out the new HyVee.
And dinner at Smoque D's.

During this last month I finally started feeding her foods. So far she loves any type of fruit. She loves sweet potatoes. She feels average about carrots and she HATES peas. I mean hates them! Can you blame her, really?

Right now her favorite toy is the learn and grove table. I help her stand by it and she grooves her little butt off. She turns and smiles at everyone in the room. She LOVES that toy. She sat next to it today for almost an hour just grooving! She also has this rattle that looks like a diamond ring that she loves to shake!

Emi still loves her daycare. She is always happy to see me when I come to pick her up, but I did catch her reaching for Sherry last week when I arrived! I suppose that's the way you want it if you have to put your kid in daycare, right? She will still talk your ear off if you let her.

Either somebody called Emi fat or she is ready to crawl. Often we find her on the ground in a bridge workout position. She can get up on her knees, but I wouldn't say she is crawling yet- still a week or two away, I think.

Emi is starting to look more like her mama, and I really felt that when I compared her six month pics to the first picture above. If you want to see the six month pic, click here!

Here hair is coming in a lot now. I think it will be dark brown or black. Tommy thinks it'll be light brown. Perhaps he knows something I don't.

I'm still amazed how I can love this girl more and more everyday. 

We love you, Emi Sofia!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hey, Girl, We Be Front'n

Fronting: A facade. Appearing one way, but really acting another. Misrepresenting yourself.

I front all the time. And I front the most to Emi. That's right. I always pretend to her that everything is okay.

"Oh, you want to grab my earrings or my cell phone for the ten thousandth time today- that's fine."

When I'm really stressed out after a long day at work and am really tired and super stressed out, I totally front to Emi like this world is completely awesome and I have no care in the world but her.

I think she appreciates it. I don't feel guilty about it.

I see my friends front to their kids. The mom who is stressed out about her child starting a new school- when the child doubts himself she fronts and says it will for sure go great- when really she is just as nervous about the new school year as her son. And this mom that I'm talking about- she goes the extra mile when she fronts to her child. She even pretends the square pizza that is served at school is great!

I had no idea how much my mom fronted. I think about that often when I am fronting. I think about the time our home was burglarized and I made my mom sleep in my bed for a year because I was so scared. She never told me she was upset. She never told me she was sad about the situation. She acted like sleeping in my bed until I fell asleep was just fine. I asked my mom the other day "Was it really hard after our house was burglarized sleeping in my bed every night because I was scared?" My mom said... "I cried so many nights about that." I had no idea.  And I'm sure to some extent... my mom still fronts to me today.

So I'll keep fronting. And hopefully Emi will have no idea. That is, until she becomes a mom one day herself....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Have you ever taken the time to figure out how many BFF's you have? Here is a breakdown of mine:

BFF = the original best friend forever.

BGSFF = Best Grade School Friend Forever.

BHSFF = Best High School Friend Forever.

BOHSFF = Best Other High School Friend Forever.

BFCFF = Best Freshman College Friend Forever.

BCFF = Best College Friend Forever.

BLSFF = Best Law School Friend Forever.

BCWFF = Best Co Worker Friend Forever.

BFCWFF = Best Former Co Worker Friend Forever.

BRFF = Best Relative Friend Forever.

BSFF = Best Spouse Friend Forever.

BCGFF = Best Church Going Friend Forever.

And the list goes on and on and on. Life was so tough when we were just limited to one BFF! Now we have unlimited!