Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

I was a little nervous when putting Emi's costume on tonight because I never even tried it on her. Normally she hates things on her head, but she soon got used to the headband, and she loved her costume! I think she looked pretty cute!

 I went trick or treating directly from work so I gave Tommy strict instructions on what to do at the house. "Turn the outdoor lights on and put the candy on the step." I must have told him two or three times.
 We stopped at Aunt Erin's to see Tony and Sam Batman and Robin! What cuties!!
 Grandma looks like she is on cloud nine!

Then we stopped by Aunt Nita and ran into more cousins! We ended up going trick or treating with them. They taught Emi just how it was done. Kennedy reviewed the rules with us "Only those houses with their porch lights on are the ones we get candy from. Landscaping lights do not count." Little did I know that this rule was useful for adults, as Tommy leaned and said to me "So the lights are how you know the house is handing out candy?!" I think Emi was trying to steal the other kids' jokes by the end of the night. After a few houses Emi was walking up to the door and saying "here you go" while sticking her hand out, so the people knew just where to put the candy! 

Emi had a great time, and we did too! 

And as I pulled into the driveway as Begger's Night was coming to an end I saw that our porch light was not on! I'm thankful Kennedy informed him of the rules. Maybe next year he will listen to me when I tell him to put the porch light on. Oh, and the candy. Yah, he did put it on the step...behind the pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

On Acceptance

I recently met up with a friend from law school. This girl is one of those friends that you may go along time without seeing each other, but when you do, you start right from the last place you left off. We have had a lot of similar things happen to us in our lives. And as we sat there that morning and I poured out everything that was on my mind and all the fears that I had about life she reminded me of one important thing. The power of acceptance.

Many circumstances in my life havent been how I would choose if I were in charge. But the point is, I am not in charge. But what I can do is accept situations for what they are. Accept that they aren't going to be what I may choose them to be. And though the circumstances may be different. There are good things about those different circumstances. You can learn to appreciate those other things. But first you must accept it.

So this means two things:

1. No longer feeling like this:

2. And two. This blog is about to get a lot better. You're welcome. :-)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Braggin' Time

Emi is 20 months now. When I look at her I see no resemblance  of a baby. She is a girl. 100% girl. 

The other day Tommy and I played a game where we quizzed how well we each knew Emi. First, we thought of a her three favorite toys, and then see if we came up with the same items. We did! Emi's three favorite toys are: A ball, her stroller (to push the baby of course!) and puzzles!

Then we asked what ten words does she say the most. They are: 
1. Please
2. Mas (more!)
4. Thank you!
5. Hi
6. Bye
7. Yah
8. See ya!
9. Aqua (water)
10. Up

This girl is so musically inclined. She recently learned twinkle twinkle. She will sing the abc words to the twinkle twinkle tune. It is amazing!

She counts to ten. Well, technically she counts to eight because she skips nine and says ten twice. 

She wants what she wants. And she knows what she wants. Don't even try putting on any shoes other than the ones she brings to you to help her put on. And any tv shows- you need to read her mind to know which to put on. You will hear it if you guessed wrong.

And did I mention her hair can be put back into a full pony!

I'm fairly certain Emi asked me today "What's happening now?" Was she listening to Nelly today at the sitters?

And right now, she is sitting in the bath tub saying "hooray" over and over and over. 

I love it. Absolutely love it. And I will reread this post in an hour when it is time to put her to bed and she starts screaming "No!" while taking a few swings at me.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Church Songs

I had this really interesting entry I was going to write about people's crazy perspectives, but instead I decided on this:

If you grew up going to church than surely you have giggled once about the song "Low In The Grave He Lay." Of course you sang it "..low in the gravy lay Jesus my Savior!" Seriously, my dad still says the lyrics that way just to get a little laugh (because of course we are picturing a Jesus figurine laying in Grandma's gravy sauce."

I listen to the Christian station in Des Moines whenever I am in the car. A song that is always played is "There Will Be A Day." Lyrics in the song go "...there is no other name by which I am saved" but what I often hear is "... there is no other name- bitch I am saved!" Its Christian Music meet alternative. 

But I can't sing along to those lyrics. Why not? Well because the other day I asked Emi a question and she responded with "Hell Yah!"

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Center Grove Orchard

On Sunday we took our second annual trip to Center Grove Orchard. It did not disappoint. While the weather was a little chilly, it was totally Fall, which made it great.

We picked our pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. This is another lifetime dream fulfilled! We jumped in corn pools, flew down slides, smelled farm animals, and ate apple butter. Can't wait to go again next year!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Mini Me!

Ever since I found out I was going to have a girl, I dreamed of painting my toe nails a matching color as my daughter's, and today that dream came true!

I went with "I'm India Mood for Love" which is my second favorite color (Cha Ching Cherry is my favorite!).

Emi loves swinging, hot pink and sweat pants!

Whenever I bring work home and do it at the table, she insists on sitting next to me at the table to do her "work." I think that day she was watching Little Einsteins.

How irresponsible cool of a mom am I that I let my daughter ride in this cart at the store? (PS- I know my mom is so unimpressed right now!)

 Oh, and she loves the seasonal jammies just like me!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Things...

1. I'm not a hugger. But when my co-worker followed me out of the restroom the other day and noticed my skirt was tucked in my undies, I gave her a hug after she gave me the heads up!

2. Last week I started Kosama. I go with one of my friends every morning at 6am. I hate going, but I feel great when its 7am and my workout is done for the day!

3. Tommy is working tonight. It is funny how little I think he does until he is gone. So far tonight Emi managed to color all over a pillow case (while I folded laundry 2 feet away and didn't notice) and I have contemplated a trip to the ER after she fell on a wet floor.

4. I've been so tired lately that I've been in bed before 930pm every night.

5. I wonder what I used to watch before BRAVO network.

6. I knew I didn't need to take Emi to the ER when I was going to google when to take a child to the ER. I figured if I have to google it, then she doesn't need to go.

7. I'm loving this nice weather, but want to go Emi into her fall Halloween attire!

8. Emi says the word "Ipad" better than she says "Mommy!"

9. I rotated my desk in my office. I'm hoping it will lead to more productivity. I'll try anything.

10. I havent noticed that the government was shut down. Have you?