Sunday, October 27, 2013

On Acceptance

I recently met up with a friend from law school. This girl is one of those friends that you may go along time without seeing each other, but when you do, you start right from the last place you left off. We have had a lot of similar things happen to us in our lives. And as we sat there that morning and I poured out everything that was on my mind and all the fears that I had about life she reminded me of one important thing. The power of acceptance.

Many circumstances in my life havent been how I would choose if I were in charge. But the point is, I am not in charge. But what I can do is accept situations for what they are. Accept that they aren't going to be what I may choose them to be. And though the circumstances may be different. There are good things about those different circumstances. You can learn to appreciate those other things. But first you must accept it.

So this means two things:

1. No longer feeling like this:

2. And two. This blog is about to get a lot better. You're welcome. :-)

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