Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Mini Me!

Ever since I found out I was going to have a girl, I dreamed of painting my toe nails a matching color as my daughter's, and today that dream came true!

I went with "I'm India Mood for Love" which is my second favorite color (Cha Ching Cherry is my favorite!).

Emi loves swinging, hot pink and sweat pants!

Whenever I bring work home and do it at the table, she insists on sitting next to me at the table to do her "work." I think that day she was watching Little Einsteins.

How irresponsible cool of a mom am I that I let my daughter ride in this cart at the store? (PS- I know my mom is so unimpressed right now!)

 Oh, and she loves the seasonal jammies just like me!

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