Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Things...

1. I'm not a hugger. But when my co-worker followed me out of the restroom the other day and noticed my skirt was tucked in my undies, I gave her a hug after she gave me the heads up!

2. Last week I started Kosama. I go with one of my friends every morning at 6am. I hate going, but I feel great when its 7am and my workout is done for the day!

3. Tommy is working tonight. It is funny how little I think he does until he is gone. So far tonight Emi managed to color all over a pillow case (while I folded laundry 2 feet away and didn't notice) and I have contemplated a trip to the ER after she fell on a wet floor.

4. I've been so tired lately that I've been in bed before 930pm every night.

5. I wonder what I used to watch before BRAVO network.

6. I knew I didn't need to take Emi to the ER when I was going to google when to take a child to the ER. I figured if I have to google it, then she doesn't need to go.

7. I'm loving this nice weather, but want to go Emi into her fall Halloween attire!

8. Emi says the word "Ipad" better than she says "Mommy!"

9. I rotated my desk in my office. I'm hoping it will lead to more productivity. I'll try anything.

10. I havent noticed that the government was shut down. Have you?

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