Monday, September 24, 2012

I Do Cook!

"Do you ever cook?" My mom asked me on Friday. I paused for a moment. We weren't in the middle of eating a meal, there had been no discussion about what I had eaten during the week. The fact is, I don't cook that much. I'm an okay cook, but I have a husband who has a mother who is a wonderful cook. So my average cooking is a little below average for him. I started to feel a little defensive. Am I supposed to cook more? It's not like Emi can eat adult food yet, so she is not suffering. And, after all, I am my mother's daughter. And anybody who knows my mom knows she does not cook at all.

Because I hadn't been caught red handed I said "Yes, I cook." That was the truth after all. Sure, I hadn't cooked in the last few week, but I do own an oven, and a stove, and some cooking utensils. And I know how they work for the most part. I think it kind of hit a sore spot with me because Tommy and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about how much money we spend each month on food. Whether it be lunch or dinner, we do spend a considerable amount of our budget on food.

So this week, my friends, I do cook.

I found some great recipes. And after a trip to Sams Club, Costco and Hyvee, I had all the ingredients to get us through the week. I found all these recipes on Pinterest. I have prepared most of them, and I'll have to do when I get home from work is pop them in the oven, whip up a quick side of vegetables, and we'll be set!

I love surfing Pinterest for recipes. I found all these recipes on Pinterest.

I made these pecan rolls on Saturday morning. Seriously to die for. So easy and what made them easier was Pillsbury makes a pastry sheet that I used. Seriously, you must try them!

Tonight for dinner I made this French Onion Soup! I love this recipe. Tommy, who doesn't really like French Onion soup said it was amazing!

I have prepared the ingredients for this following dish. It was super easy to prepare. I hope it tastes okay.

I also have this pork tenderloin dish marinating in the fridge for later this week. I'm somewhat doubtful about this recipe, but I love balsamic vinegar, so it's worth a shot!

My favorite part about making all these dishes tonight was I majority of my dishes are done for the week. I hate doing dishes.

In other news, Emi had sweet potatoes for dinner. She loved them, just like she loves everything else except peas.

Hmmmm... perhaps I should invite my mom over for dinner this week!

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