Monday, August 5, 2013

18 Months Already!

Emi celebrated her half-birthday on Saturday (which also happened to be my cousin and nephew's birthday as well as the day of my grandma's passing- but more on that later).

We went up to Minneapolis (totally unplanned) and spent the afternoon at the Mall of America. I used to hate the Mall of America, but in the last two years have grown to love that place. (Yes, we go there a lot. We go to Clear Lake a lot and if it is raining we just get in the car and drive to Minneapolis!).

We did a little something different this time. (Well, besides a trip to my beloved Nordstroms and Macy's!) First, we spent what will come to be the first of many trips to the American Girl store with Emi. She already has her Bitty Baby (Molly) who she drags with her everywhere! It was about time that Molly got accessorized. So after letting Emi play around in the store, we found the stroller would be just perfect! And it is! She loves pushing it all around the house. So sweet!

We then decided to take Emi to the aquarium in the mall. So much fun!

And last, but not least! A ride on the Carousal! Emi's Favorite! (I was just glad she didn't cause too much of a seen when it was time to get off!)

All in all, a wonderful half birthday for my darling!

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