Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten Things....

Here are ten things I'm mad irritated about:

1. I'm mad irritated that nothing has been invented to keep beverages cold 24/7. You know how many times I want a cold water/soda, and open the fridge to find none there. I go outside to the garage to get a bottle, and feel the luke warm room temperate beverage which instantly kills any desire I once I had to drink it. Why is it there is never anything cold to drink when I am always responsible enough to fill the fridge up!

2. I'm mad that when people do come up with good inventions, like google reader, they then take it away. Google Reader died on July 1 and I haven't found a replacement. Which pretty much means I rarely read blogs, and never conveniently. And that sucks.

3. Speaking of death, now that is something I'm just mad about. I'm mostly just mad about how it comes to an end, not that it does, just how it does.

4. I'm mad irritated with grumpy people. Over the last few days people haven't seen my always present fake smile. And then they look at me like "well, what do you have to be irritated about?" like there lives are so much worse and I could give them the courtesy of a fake smile. Ugh. People are such grumps.

5. I'm mad irritated with the Urbandale cop running radar on the interstate today. Seriously, its Monday morning. Can't you give people a break?! That shenanigans should be left to a Thursday or Friday when people can handle it better. On a side, I'm totally happy that he caught the guy right behind me, and not me!

6. I'm mad irritated with 18 month old shenanigans. I miss my beautiful daughter all day. And as I come home to give her a hug and a kiss, she smacks me right in the face. Twice.

7. I'm mad irritated that God only puts 24 hours in one day. I could waste so much more time get so much more done with just an extra like 45 minutes. Seriously, I'm not even greedy!

8. I'm mad irritated that I brought a bunch of work home with me and didn't get it done. It's a lose-lose situation when I bring it home. Had I left it at work it would not have gotten done, but I wouldn't have thought about it all not. Now it's not done and I have sat and thought about how its not done which has helped to ruin my night.

9. I'm mad irritated with the IT people at my office. I ask them to fix one thing. And they do. And now eight other things don't work. Ugh.

10. And lastly, I'm mad irritated I can't think of a tenth thing to be irritated about!

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