Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bossy Pants

Are you wondering how Emi is doing? Just great! She is talking so much. In fact, the other day I nearly lost my nephew. You know, "Silent" Sam. I apologized to my sister by saying "Sorry, I don't always have to keep my eyes on Emi because I can always hear her, so I'm not used to having to pay that much attention!"

And as Emi learns more and more words, she seems to get more and more bossy. If you take a look at both the Vos and Van Wyk families, this is really no surprise. Afterall, my Aunts do have a wine named after them called "Bossy Pants."

It does get a little embarrassing at day care to hear her boss the other kids around. And she seems to know just who she can get away with bossing around. For example, she knows she can boss Sam around, but she would never boss Anthony around.

Here are some of her favorites:

"No, that's not right!"
"No, get away from there. Its not time to put your shoes on!"
"No, you aren't supposed to do that!"

My mom even mentioned to me the other day, in the most endearing way, that Emi was becoming a "little b%#*h."

I guess the bossiness skips just one generation and not two.... :-)

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