Wednesday, February 25, 2015

9 Things...

1. After a six month hiatus, I'm going to just reenter the blogging world like I never left it. (I hope).

2. I love Emi's imagination. First of all, it means that there are no side effects from the amount of time that I have allowed her to use her Ipad for the first 3 years of her life. :-) But also, it is so fun to see the things she thinks of. She makes a great mama to Molly. She loves to take my phone cord and pretend it is her lasso and she is catching animals. I hate how quickly she is growing, but I love the little girl she has become.

3. No, I'm not pregnant. You were curious, right? I also haven't moved, bought a new car or even taken a vacation. It's still on my to do list though. All of it.

4. Emi keeps asking to go swimming outside! When we drove over the lake this week (ice and snow covered) she asked if we could go boating. She took the news better than me.

5. I did, however, start my own law firm. I left the old place in July 2014. New office has been open about 8 months. It is going well. And, like most of my other friends told me, once I did it I would be asking myself why I hadn't done it sooner.

6. Thank god they only sell those girl scout cookies once a year. Those Lemonade cookies are too die for, and I don't even like lemon flavored things. Right?

7. Every week Tommy gets a random text from the same random telephone number giving him hours for a work schedule the following week also including details of whether its "Expo" or "Server" or whatever other details that are involved. This has been going on for over a year. The problem is Tommy doesn't work at the place he keeps receiving texts about. And instead of letting this person know they have the wrong number, he keeps letting them text him week or week. Good thing texts don't cost the ten cents they used to!

8. I always tell my clients that honesty is the best policy. Recently I realized that I need to modify that advice. So now I will tell people "Honesty is the best policy except when it involves calling the opposing parties' wife a whore."

9. I'm totally bummed about my friend, Giulianna Rancic, is in some deep water right now. Godspeed, girl!

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