Sunday, April 5, 2015

9 Things... Emi Edition (why not?!)

1. I finally got around to getting Emi's 3 year pictures done. You'd think this would mean that most of the frames in my office and house are filled, but nope.... still empty. But here is a sneak peek of my little beauty!

2. I got a call this week from an attorney I respect quite a bit. At the end of the conversation he said "Do you have a blog?" I said "Yes?" He said "Well I was just trying to find your phone number so I googled you and your blog came up. Its pretty neat." Ugh... I instantly regretted writing the post "Pottying With a 3 Year Old!

3. Emi's new thing is to ask "Is it beautiful?" She asks it when she gets dressed, colors a picture or looks in the mirror. Melts.My.Heart.

4. It blows my mind how much she mimics what she sees. For example, the other day at the zoo, the path was closed so the only way was to go up stairs. Tommy picked Emi and her stroller up and hauled her up the stairs. That night when we got home, Emi picked Molly up, stroller and all, and carried her up the stairs!

5. Speaking of the zoo, we went to the Omaha Zoo and brought my nephews along. They are the best. Seriously, to see how much fun they have with Emi brings me so much joy. (Even if he calls me Donna!)

6. There is still no clear answer on whether she is left or right handed. Just when we are ready to call it, she suddenly starts using her other hand. Obviously however God designed her to be is how she shall be, but if I could choose I'd make her right handed. Don't you find lefties a little off? :-)

7. Emi went through a short phase where she was stealing toys from the babies at daycare. So funny because it is so the opposite of her personality. Usually she is helping take care of babies! And now she is back to her normal self again. The babies are happy.

8. I love when we are driving down the road and she sees cars that she recognizes. She will yell "There's Grandpa!" And then we will pull up to the white truck and she says in a disappointed voice "That's not Grandpa!" Sometimes she is more cautious and says "Mama, is that Meghan's car?"

9. Emi is energy efficient. I usually know when she is headed out of her bed and into our room because she shuts her lamp, fan and music off first. Its a good heads up for me to meet her at the door and redirect her to her own bed!

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