Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Fun!

After one of the worst weeks of my life, I did not know how my weekend was going to pan out. I left work about 45 minutes "early" on Friday only to have one of my "bosses" call me because one of my clients (who I had called earlier in the day and never bothered to return my call, and who owes me over $3000) was flipping out. Guess what! All of my clients freak out- all of the time. After 45 minutes of talking my client off the ledge, I was ready to give up already on my weekend.

On Saturday I woke up at 730 and thought about going into work (have another trial and contempt hearing this week). Tommy was already on his way to work. But that is when I made a big decision. I was going to enjoy my weekend.

First on the list- I didn't roll out of bed until 1130. I thought about cleaning my house a little bit, but instead made my way down to the basement where I took a 3 hour nap.Once Tommy got home from work we went to Huhot- which was beyond amazing. We also ran some fun errands together and made a stop at Cold Stone Ice Cream to get a to go order of our favorite Birthday Cake Remix. I then realized that season 7 of Weeds has started and watched the first few episodes on You Tube.

My Sunday has been equally as amazing. Tommy and I went to our traditional Sunday morning HyVee breakfast. I, again, considered going into work, but that's when my parents showed up, and we spent hours laying out by the pool! Tommy and I spent an hour cleaning the house together. I cant believe how much can get done when both him and I clean together. Laundry that hasn't been folded for weeks is done; floors have been cleaned, and some more unpacking (yes we have been in this house almost a year) was done.

Now for some amazing Sunday night TV. If my job is going to ruin my Monday through Friday, I'm sure as heck not going to let it ruin my weekend!

I will leave you with a favorite conversation I had this week. After telling one of my wonderful attorney friends about my bad day in Court and how the opposing counsel said he felt like we were in the twilight zone, my friend responded: "Well, if you found yourselves in the twilight zone its only because he booked the tickets and drove the bus there!"

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