Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Things...

1. I can't believe that Beyonce and I are the same age. She is so much cooler than me.

2. I have a baby who sleeps really well. I used to sleep really well like back in 2011. That is annoying.

3. Do you ever watch the show Shark Tank? I enjoy it in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Seriously, how annoying is it that a lady who cut a whole in middle of a towel for kids is now a millionaire? Why can't I think of stuff like that?!?

4. I'm excited for Valentine's Day. Emi will be sporting her red shirt that says "I'm cuckoo for you" with some cute leggings and a jean skirt. This cute outfit will surely help her friends forget how bad of gas she had last week at daycare.

5. Speaking of daycare, there are a few things I absolutely love about daycare. I love when I bring Emi in the morning and the kids all run to me and give me and Emi hugs. I also love when I pick Emi up and the kids look around the corner at the door and then yell "Emi's mom is here!"  That's right kids... mama's here.

6. People who know my grandma shouldn't be surprised with some stuff that comes out of my mouth. Today my grandma was watching Pawn Stars and said to my mom "Do I have this channel at home." Mom replies: "I don't think so." I interrupt  "Why? Did you like that show?" Grandma: "No, I was cancel my cable if they had a show like this on."

7. Emi's word of the week is "Yah!" Ask her anything and she will respond "Yah!" Last week the word was also "Yah!" But the week before it was "Oh no!"

8. I watch Suze Orman. She has a segment where she grades people on how they are spending their money. I went on the internet to try to figure out her formula so I could figure out my grade. Through this process I learned that people my age have an average net worth of $8,500.00.

9. Here is the link to find out your grade:

10. Its time to end this blog because Emi is yelling "yah!" over and over from her crib! I need to go ask her a bunch of questions I have been waiting on answers for.

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