Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Heart Sundays

I'm fairly certain that this is not the first, and possibly not the second time that I have blogged about how much I love Sundays. Today was no exception.

Tommy and I did not get home until late last night from Omaha. We made a quick trip there to Nebraska Furniture Mart and Costco. We had no success and NFM but found a few things at Costco. (And, yes, Costcos do carry different items and one may have better things than the next).

We slept in this morning until about 9 am. I headed to the grocery store to get some items for the lunch gathering we were having today. We had our first pool party of the year. We had my parents, sister, nephew, Uncle Arvin and Aunt Corrie, Grandma Vos, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Don, and two of their children, Michael and his wife, Leah, their three kids; and Rose and her husband, Andrew, and her three kids. Needless to say, it was a pool full, and we had a wonderful time.

Until the age of 5, I lived at a house on Applewood in Ankeny. There are two distinct things I remember about the house. We had a metal swing set that was as fancy as it got for the mid-80s which has no relevance to this post. The other thing I remember was the house, at that time owned by the Dierenfield family, that had a pool in the backyard. I do not know whether I ever personally saw the pool, and I know I never swam in it. It was the sounds that came out of that back yard that I remember. The sounds of splashing water and people having a good time. I was very envious.

Now, as an adult, I finally am the person behind the wooden fence, and I must tell you, there was good cause to be envious. It is so much fun having friends and family over. We are very spoiled to have it. I am fortunate enough to have many friends and family to share it with because it truly is the people who make it fun.

Even after our guests left Tommy and I spent some time outside laying by the pool. Now some of our favorite shows are on tonight! I hope everybody enjoyed there Sunday as much as we did.

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