Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

As many of you know, I did not grow up in a traditional neighborhood. When I was younger I remember feeling somewhat sad that I was not having a traditional childhood with neighborhood friends and whatever other awesome things I assumed neighborhoods offered. I thought my parents were even somewhat anti-social because they did not want neighbors.

For nine months now I have lived in a traditional neighborhood. The type that I dreamed about as a child. Until yesterday I was pretty pleased with my neighbors. Were some of them a little nosey? Sure. Were some of them a little weird? Absolutely. But they were all fairly pleasant.

Last night I was standing out on my deck turning on the grill and getting ready to prepare dinner. My backyard meets up with another backyard which has a six foot high wooden fence that separates us. Suddenly I hear my neighbor yell at me and request me to come over to her house to look at my fence. Being caught somewhat off guard, I complied. I drove around the block (since our properties are completely blocked off by the fence) and went into her backyard. She informed me that my husband and I have not kept our fence in very good shape and the side of the fence that faces their house is dirty. She kindly offered her powerwasher for me to come over and clean it sometime this week. Again, being in complete shock, I said that I would. I went back home and told Tommy, who insists that I NEVER step foot over there to do any of that. Now being about 20 hours later, I am pretty stunned that she asked me to do that.

First, the fence is not dirty. The only thing making the fence potentially dirty is the grass clippings for THEIR lawn. Second, it is not as if I powerwashed the rest of my fence and neglected that area. Third, if they want it clean they should do it themselves. How RUDE!!!!

Her rudeness nearly put a damper on my evening. It was quite frustrating to be treated like this. I will not be powerwashing my fence. If she asks me I will give her permission to do it. I would never treat my neighbor they way she treated me and I am disappointed that this is the type of relationship I will now have with these people.

And now I know why my parents never wanted any neighbors....

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