Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for two things: All my wonderul friends and family that have given me inspiration to keep blogging.... and my Costco Membership.

Anybody who knows me knows that I should be selling Costco memberships for a living rather than practicing law. I have a lot of passion for Costco. I have picked out some of my favorite purchases over the years to share with you. I should also tell you that not all Costcos are created equal. In fact, of all the Costcos I have ever been to, the one in Omaha is my favoriate.

Furniture. Generally Costco carries an assortment of furniture at the beginning of the year. This can include something as normal as a couch to something as unqiue as a grantie top vaniety for the bathroom. We recently purchased these wonderful Chaise chairs for around the pool and the patio table. I am not sure that the Chaise chairs were a real steal at $260 a piece; however, the patio table with its slate top was a bargain at $999. I have looked on the web, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and a variety of other stores and have not found anything of that quality for the price. Also pictured below is some barstools we purchased from Costco as well. Final price on the barstools was $89 a piece. I love the curve of the barstool as it fit the style of Tommy and my house.

Electronics. Another great thing to purchase from Costco is electronics. Pictured below is the Kitchen Aid blender with a final price of $29.99. We have also purchased things like TVs, Computers or DVD players. The great thing about buying at Costco is not only the price lower but also you can return most electronics within year. Its like a little extra insurance policy.

Clothes. Anybody who knows my husband knows that he LOVES clothes. I'll be the first to admit that we often do not find a lot of clothes there, but we have picked up a few Calvin Klein articles and these Lacoste shirts. Final Price on the Lacoste shirts was $49.99.

Home Improvement Items. Moving into our house over the last six months, I have been increasingly happy with the amount of home remodel products we have found. Below is the stone that we bought for about $39.00 for 8 square feet and the light vanities for $28.99 a piece. These are some of our best bargains, ever!

FOOD!!! Costco has some great food options that we love! This is especially the case when we are entertaining. Some of my favorite finds include the Rotisserie Chicken (and I mean this is one heck of a chicken) for less than $5. They have this flank steak that they marinate and sell in the spring and summer that is to die for! It makes great Fajitas. If you ever have a birthday party and need a cake Costco sells great sheet cakes for around $17 (includes any custom additions you have). Costco has a great produce section that you can buy 4 pounds of strawberries for $5-6. They also have more exotic fruits (think Mangos, blackberries) that are very affordable compared to the local grocery store. The desserts the bakery sales are to die for. Below is my all time favorite Costco dessert which is the Tuxedo Cake. It retails for around $16. It is so fantastic. I have never met anybody who did not enjoy it. 

I could go on, but I wont. Are you convinced yet of your need for a membership? You can always catch a ride out to West Des Moines with me. I'm out there weekly. :-)

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