Monday, August 29, 2011

Funny Conversations

I must be really lucky because I have the pleasure of overhearing the funniest/craziest/dumbest conversations. 

Here is another example:

I went to the Courthouse this morning and walked towards the elevator to take it up to the fourth floor. A Polk County Sheriff was approaching the elevator at the same time. Already standing there was a lady.

Lady: "Officer, are you taking the elevator up to go arrest somebody that you have a warrant out for?"
Officer: "No, I'm going to unlock a courtroom door."
Lady: "Oh thank god."
Officer: "Why? Are you good? Do you have a warrant out for your arrest?"
Lady: "Yah. I have a warrant. But I"m just for a hearing now."

Unfortunately they got off at the third floor, and I did not see how the story ended. I was just in shock over this woman's stupidity. You cannot even make stuff up this crazy!

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