Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

What another awesome Thursday! (ok- I hate sounding like when of those overly enthusiastic people who you just want to punch in the face- but seriously today was amazeballs!)

My sitter is out of town so that means Emi came to work with me. I don't get much done when she is there, but its fun to be with her all the time. We went and had lunch with Kimber and Balin.

Emi got her first experience in a swing.

 We don't own a swing. Mostly I am uncomfortable with how much space it would take up in my house. Emi probably thought I took her to an amusement park rather than Balin's house. She loved swinging, and she even got a great snooze in.

Here I am holding Balin and Emi. Balin is half korean and Emi is a quarter japanese. They were just missing their little buddy Kase (for those of you keeping track- Kase is white).

Admittedly, a few weeks ago I was going to be totally ready to have another baby soon. And then I saw my girlfriend, and I remembered how much work those babies are to not only get out of you but then in the first two months. So I'm pretty content with my little bottle holding sleeping 12 hours at night Emi. For now.

I brought Emi to my mom's this afternoon so that I could see a few clients. I feel guilty about charging people $180 an hour while I also have my kid with me.

Emi and Sam shared Sam's playmat.

Boy did they have a good time together! My mom said they played together near each other, they ate at the same time, cried at the same time, and didn't sleep a bit! What cuties!

I'll say it over and over- I'm so grateful for all the babies that are Emi's age. I love that she'll have so many good friends who come from great families!

Happy Thursday!

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