Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Fall Projects, Road Trips and an Impromptu Party

We My parents finished another Fall project today.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

I wanted to take a picture of the mailbox before it was laying on the cement, but my dad was working at such a fast pace it was lying on the driveway before I had my camera out. Good thing I checked to see if he took the mail out of the box before he tossed it. MidAmerican and Sprint may not have been paid otherwise.

We My mom also got some of my lawn tools out and vacuumed up some leaves! I couldn't help but feel like she was fighting ghosts when using this machine. In fact, my friend was recently telling me about her son being concerned about ghosts. I should have offered to come over with my leaf blower!

(Note: just in case you thought my parents do EVERYTHING at my house, you should know that while a mailbox was being installed and ghosts being fought, I cleaned up some items around the pool to prepare it to be winterized and Tommy broke down boxes so we could fit our patio table and pool furniture into the garage. Moral of the story is they really only do 50% 75% of everything).

This now brings my completed Fall Projects total to 4.5. Only 6 more to go!

While we were working outside my next door neighbor stopped by to ask me if we were going to the neighborhood party later this evening. (My parents were apparently also invited since they are at our house so much). I knew nothing about it. My neighbor claimed that he left an invite in our mailbox, but I never saw it. (I'm sure he did- I just really never saw it). We did stop by for about an hour. I am just thankful that he came over and invited us because I would otherwise be writing a blog about what a mean neighborhood I had that threw a party at the end of our driveway and didn't even invite us.

While we were finishing the Fall Projects for today, we decided to make plans for a road trip for Sunday. Of course a nice little trip to Omaha. This one planned just about 18 hours in advance, and we will be stopping at Costco!

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