Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wonderful Phrases

These are some of my favorite words to throw into conversations.

"Left and Right" I stole this beauty from my husband. Anytime I want to refer to "every time" or "every where" or "everything" I say "Left and Right." For example, I could say "I got crazy clients left and right." or "I've got appointments left and right." or "During the snowstorm there were cars in the ditch left and right" Note that when I refer to the cars in the ditch left and right, it does not mean that the cars were in the ditch on both the left and the right side. It would be appropriate to use this phrase even if the cars were only on the right side.

"Perhaps" I love using perhaps. Nothing can make a regular sentence more condescending then my adding this word. Because it can become so condescending, you must be sure to use it only at appropriate times. For example, I did not use it the other day to my husband because of the sensitive nature of the situation, but had I choose to use it I would have said "Perhaps you should have checked to see if the light bulb was burnt out prior to calling my dad over with his tools to repair the fixture."

"Totally" Totally is also a good word to use because it keeps people on their toes when you use it. Use totally to exaggerate how you feel about a situation. It will make others think you are totally in to whatever they are asking you to when you really feel quite average about it. Make sure your keep a dull tone when you say it. Example:
LP: "Do you want to become a partner of this law firm?"
Me: "Totally."

And now for my least favorite word ever. "Whatever." I hate it.

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