Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Things

Here are the ten things I am happy/excited about this week:

1. Tommy's family. I just got back from spending six days with my in-laws in Houston (Tommy is not home yet. He is staying until Sunday and his family is now in Mazatlan. When I booked my return ticket the plan was to go to Orlando so I booked a return early. Now I am jealous I didn't get to join them in Mexico!). I had a wonderful time in Houston. His family always makes me feel so welcome and they are so accommodating. Tommy's brother, Hikaru, graduated from high school. This is a family picture from his graduation.

2. Tommy. As I mentioned previously, Tommy is gone for the next week. I was originally excited to have a week to myself, but I already miss him and am looking forward to his return on Sunday!

3. Costco. Big surprise, right?! While we were in Houston, Tommy's parent introduced us to this sparkling lemonade/orange juice combo package that is sold at Costco. It is quite refreshing in the summer and I just picked up a case of it for our home. I also just picked up a new book there. It is the new Chelsea Handler book.

4. TJ Maxx. I used to be really addicted to TJ Maxx. I intervened at the beginning of the year and now only go twice a month (as opposed to three times per week). I just went there tonight and found a few good purchases!

5. My Job. I know some of you must have reread "my job" a few times because I generally only complain about my job. I am coming to realize that I have a pretty good job that provides a lot of flexibility and opportunities for my family. It has its moment, but really I have it pretty good.

6. The History Channel. It features some great shows. Right now I am watching "How State got Their Shape." It is surprisingly interesting.

7. My Furniture Order. Before Tommy and I left for Houston we purchased a couch for our now finished basement. The couch is in. As soon as I can convince my dad to go pick it up (I refused to pay $75 to have American Furniture deliver it less than one mile) it will be in my house. I cant wait to take some naps on it!

8. Mindy. Many of you know my friend, Mindy. She is 22 weeks pregnant with triplet girls. She has been on bed rest for 3 weeks. She will be on bed rest until the babies come- hopefully six more weeks. She is doing well! I am so proud of her for being so strong for those girls!

9. Air Condition. I did not turn the air on before we left for Houston. I walked into a 92 degree house last night. The house finally cooled down by around 1:00 am. I do not know how people sleep when they are hot- it is miserable!

10. Peaches. While in Texas, Tommy and I went to the famous Texas Pride Restaurant near Houston (and recently featured in the RHWOC). I had some wonderful peach cobbler there. While at Costco I bought some peaches that I hope to turn into peach cobbler later this week! Does anybody have a good recipe?

I hope you take time this week to find things to be happy and excited about!

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