Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the invention of Dim Sum. Have you heard of it? The first time I heard of it was back in 2007 when I traveled to Houston for the first time. I have had it a handful of times since then (whenever we travel to Houston) and it never disappoints.

Dim Sum is served at a Chinese restaurant usually during lunch hours on the weekend. Cute Chinese girls push around carts in the restaurant with different individual portion sized food. You generally order approximately 2-3 dishes per person but to be shared with the entire family. You end up getting a lot of variety and trying new things. Its also fun to look at all your options when the carts travel by your table and stop the waitress to grab the dishes your family wants. I especially love going with my father-in-law. He is very experienced with Dim Sum and always knows the goodies to order.

Here are some pics from when we had Dim Sum last week in Houston!!

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