Saturday, November 12, 2011


Have you ever wondered what your kid is going to look like when they are born? Have you ever wondered if they will look more Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic? I have!!

I have high hopes for BGT because she has two cousins who are absolutely adorable.

Here is a picture of her cousin, Anthony, my sister's child. This is from 2010 Halloween. I know it is outdated, but it was my favorite picture that she has on her facebook page that I could copy.

Here is BGT's other cousin, Farah. Farah is Tommy's brother, Yoshi's, child. Tommy and Yoshi look a lot alike. Yoshi's wife is Caucasian, has blonde hair and very blue eyes. Farah is all Yoshi if you ask me!

If BGT were born today, she might look something like this. These are pictures of Mindy's babies that were born at approximately 28 weeks, which is approximately where I am at in my pregnancy!

I'ts hard to believe that BGT's feet are only this big. Sometimes she feels a lot stronger than that. Last night Tommy wanted to feel her move. She was not cooperating so I suggested that he rock my stomach a little bit. He was quite surprised when she gave a few hard kicks back! It was pretty funny!

And just for fun: here is a picture of Tommy and Yoshi when they were young. Tommy is the older child. The lady in the picture is their Uncle's wife.

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  1. BGT is going to be SO adorable! I can't wait to see what she looks like either!!! If you'd like to have her a few weeks early, I'd be on board with that because I have lots of vacation in January. No earlier than 37wks, though, bc we want her to be full term!