Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for daylight savings. I have been going to bed around 9pm all week, and it has been great! Also, I love waking up before my alarm and staying snuggled in bed. (I do not enjoy that it is dark before I leave work, even if I leave work at 5pm).

I am thankful that I had some time off today to get caught up on some things. I had quite the list of things to do today. Although I did not get it all done, I feel good about the amount of work I did accomplish. I am also thankful that Friday is a holiday so Tommy has the day off. My plan is to take Friday afternoon off too! (Though things usually do not go as planned).

I am thankful that I have already found (but not purchased) two of my "big ticket" Black Friday items. I found the computer at Costco that is offered online starting Thanksgiving Day. I also found the camera I want to get at Costco, though its only on sale through November 21. I am pretty confident about the computer. I am somewhat confident about the camera. I have not found a snowblower yet. I think it is because I plain do not care. It is hard to get Tommy interested in finding a snowblower. He doesn't like to think about the snow. Also, he doesn't have much experience with the snow because it is generally too painful for me to watch him shovel the driveway that I go out and do it myself (oh how times will be changing very soon!).

I am thankful that Tommy and I have worked out our holiday plans again this year. Luckily we are on a rotating Thanksgiving schedule. We have been going to his family in odd years since 2007. Since it is an odd year, we are meeting up with his family. This year, however, we are meeting them in Vegas. Yes, we were just there six months ago, but we couldn't resist. One of our favorite vacation spots during our favorite time of the year! Of course we just bought our tickets yesterday. Hotels are SO cheap compared to April that we are really feeling spoiled now! I am thankful this getaway is only two weeks away! PS- Aunt Nita or Aunt Bonnie- could you be so kind to extend an invite to my parents for Thanksgiving? In odd years Erin and I are both with our in-laws and it breaks our hearts to think of them alone on the holiday.

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