Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday?!

How was your Black Friday Experience?

Mine went something like this:

Computer - Check. Did a last minute change and bought one from Sam's Club online instead of Costco. Tommy and I decided in our old age it is better to get a 17 inch screen rather than a 15.

Camera - Check. We found this at American TV. We were going to buy it online but found out it was $30 cheaper in store and came with a $25 gift card and memory card if you bought in store. Thanks to my mom who picked it up for us while we are out of town. And happy they still had the camera at 8am!

Snow Blower - Nope.

Unnecessary Items - Check. We, of course, went out at 6am to join the crazies in Vegas. However, there were not as many crazies as in Des Moines. The stores were relatively quiet and easy to navigate. When you are seven months pregnant its hard to find anything to buy. I did get some new jammies (admittedly not as cool as the sushi jammies) and some cute new outfits for BGT and BBA (Gap and Children's Place). The mall we shopped at was giving 10% back on all your purchases over $100 at the mall; however, we didn't even manage to spend a Benjamin.... there.

Given the nature of the violence of the Black Friday Experience in Des Moines (per, I wonder if I'll go out next year!

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