Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have had a few small panic attacks over getting stuff done at my house. With September and October being so busy at work, it is hard to believe its mid-November already. I wondered if my new desire to get so much done around the house was due to the phenomenon of nesting. I decided to google it. I think my desire to get so much done has to do with my OCD personality more so then it does with nesting.... or at least I thought.

On the website I was reading about how expecting moms would do things like take all the screws out of walls and wash them with soap and water. I also read that these nesting symptoms would be accompanied with sudden bursts of energy. Well, I knew then and there I was not nesting. In fact, as I enter my third trimester, it is amazing how tired I have become again. Also, I could cry at the drop of a hat. I can hardly watch any tv or movies without holding back tears.

Most of my "To Do" list is organizing closets, making a run to donate clothes at Goodwill, cleaning out the pantry, finishing my FALL/WINTER projects (I think I have 3 left?!). I do have a few extreme things on my list like getting new carpet for the upstairs bedrooms and painting two bedrooms (Sorry, Mom!) but those things were on my list long before I was pregnant. In fact, those are on my list to get done yet this month, as my furniture purchases are set to be delivered December 2. I did notice my desires getting somewhat out of hand when I started a discussion with Tommy about changing the ceiling fans in the bedrooms around. I suddenly remembered the article I had read after googeling nesting and realized that I was at risk of becoming crazy crazier.

I did take a tip from one of my friends who states that if a task takes less than five minutes then there is no reason it is not done immediately. It is surprising how so many tasks seem overwhelming but can really be done quickly. Now, back to work!

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