Sunday, August 12, 2012

Emi is Six+ Months!

What an awesome, amazing, wonderful six months it has been! I know I have been spoiled with a very easy and content baby so I am trying to savour each and every minute of it.

I had to post this picture because this is her usual picture taking face "Like this? Is this how I'm supposed to be doing this?"

"Hurry up before I pull this darn bow out of my hair!"

 "See, I'll smile nice if you just take the bow off!"

"And I'll smile nice with this bow since Mom and Dad are sooooo funny!"

At six months....

Emi pretty much loves her daycare. She is always very happy and warm around Sherry. And Jayce, Cooper and Carter are her besties. She adores them and they adore her. They love to make her laugh and she loves to scream along when they play.  A new girl, Neveah, starts tomorrow. I'm sure Emi will show her who runs the show.

Emi loves to play on floor with Mom and especially Dad. She especially likes to lay on the floor, put her feet in the air, and grab her toes. Occasionally she'll suck her toes when she is totally over sucking her thumb.

 Emi is still a major thumb sucker. Major. There is no other way to put it.

 Emi is a KU fan. Oh, and she still looks like her dad. A lot.

 Emi loves her stroller. It doesn't matter if we are outside or at the mall. She loves looking around. And people love looking at her. Even if most of them call her a boy.

Emi loved watching the Olympics. I love this picture. She just looks so cozy like she owns the whole house.

We have given her food a few times, but it is really not her thing. She prefers her bottle.

At bedtime, Emi has a routine that takes about five minutes from me bringing her up to her room to her being asleep. She usually prefers not to mess around with rocking and sometimes now doesn't even want to mess with a bottle.

Emi usually sleeps from 830pm to 7am. We never wake up to her crying. She always wakes up and starts a conversations with the owls on her crib bumper or wall. Emi still sleeps about 4-5 hours during the day. She can sleep anywhere. I mean it. Anywhere.

Emi is really into grabbing my glasses off my face or grabbing my earrings.

Emi makes lots of noises and coos. She says dada and mama a lot... but never directed towards Tommy or myself. And she is still a chatter box. And listening to her talk is my favorite thing.

We almost always just put Emi in the shower with me, but tonight we put her in the whirlpool. At first she was like Makayla Maroney winning the silver medal at the Olympics vault final. You know- totally not impressed. But after a few minutes she realized how much fun it was and was a bit disappointed when it was time to take her out.

Emi has two teeth. Her two bottom front teeth. No joker teeth like the last one. :-)

I hope the second six months doesn't go as fast as the first six!

I love you, Emi Lou Sofia!

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