Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ten Things... Fall Edition

This is the time of year I try not to wish away. I try to enjoy the last month of my pool being open. The last hot days of summer, but I can't hardly contain my excitement for Fall. I heart Fall.

Here are ten reasons I love Fall this year!

1. Cooler weather. I love having all the windows open with the fresh air. I love waking up cozied under the blankets.

2. Fall scents. Can't wait to pull out my apple, pumpkin or cinnamon candles.

3. Fall colors. I'm ready for some colors other than dead brown.

4. Football. I don't even like it that much though so I'm not sure why I'm so excited for it.

5. Walks. We went on a walk today with Emi finally (since it was under 90 degrees) and it was awesome. I hope to get lots more of those in over the next few months.

6. Pumpkin bars. I'm not ready to whip up a batch yet, but give me another few weeks and I will be. People have said their the best they ever tasted, and I'm not even a great baker. My secret ingredient is organic pumpkin.

7. Vacation. It just so happens Tommy and I usually take a vacation in the Fall. We never have it planned in advance, and there is not one planned right now. But I'll remain optimistic.

8. TV. I was totally not into my Spring TV shows. And I haven't been watching Big Brother. I am really looking forward to Dancing with the Stars-All Star!

9. I don't know why I have "ten things" since its so hard to think of ten things. I generally only ever think of nine. Which is why I'm not putting anything in this space.

10. Halloween. I usually don't care much for Halloween other than the cute decorations that I have. But with a cute baby to dress up I am super pumped. I think I have found her costume, but I also found this gorge outfit at Von Maur.

I accidentally asked Tommy if I should buy it for Emi. Tommy said I definitely should if it is under $20. Well, its definitely not under $20, but I'm pretty sure I'm still going to buy it. Now I just wont enjoy seeing her as much in it knowing the whole time my husband is going to think I bought it for less than $20. Oh guilt. After how many years of marriage does that go away?!


  1. The guilt goes away when you stop asking and just start buying. Her cuteness will overcome any questions re: price.

    Oh... and E was yelling "It's football season" out the window this morning. He'd also pulled out his football jammies. Our house is defintely ready for football!

  2. so he said definitely if it is under $20... so if it is over $20 you just have to think about it... :) after you thought about you decided YES! No guilt!