Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Things....

Another 10 random thoughts for today:

1. I find that just when you find yourself content your world gets shaken up a bit. Or a lot.

2. I had this conversation with my sister today: Me: "Your last name has a lot of letters for only two syllables. Mine has just one more letter but two more syllables." Erin: "We're more speak'n people then writ'n people."

3. I voted in the 2012 general election today, but I'll still watch the debate tonight. Hope it doesn't change my mind!

4. I love dancing with the stars. Shawn Johnson is so good this year! You must tune in!

5. I would like to know if they make any good movies anymore!? I feel like I haven't seen a good movie in ages. Redbox looks like another dud this week.

6. I had three people contact me today to represent them in various matters. The only problem is the people these three people were looking to sue are already my clients. It's still good for business, I guess.

7. I'm getting an Ipad tomorrow. Random, right? We had the opportunity to purchase one 20% off, and we just couldn't pass that up.

8. If I could earn money trying projects on Pinterest, I'd retire my law license now.

9. Is it Friday yet?

10. Emi's the best! Honestly, she is.

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