Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Surprisingly, few things that happened today are things I envision when thinking of a perfect Saturday. Maybe not having an expectation for the day made the day seem better. None the less, it was a great Saturday. Here is what my day looked like:

I woke up snuggled under the covers with the cool fall breeze filling the room. It was 7am. I little bit earlier than I like to wake up on a Saturday, but I was ready to get up.

As Tommy showered and got ready for work I thought about how I wanted to spend the day. Earlier in the week a client had brought muffins to my office from My Favorite Muffin bakery. I couldn't help think about that delicious muffin I had earlier in the week. As I googled the bakery I found it was in West Des Moines and also served breakfast sandwiches- my husband's favorite. I suggested we go eat breakfast there before he went to work as we had more than enough time since we had gotten up early. I saw my the look in my husband's eyes looking at me as if I were the world's greatest wife for the suggestion.

Tommy ordered the southern breakfast sandwich and I ordered 4 muffins to go. (Note: Tommy's sandwich was average but that was not going to ruin the moment because he was so happy to try something new). I ate one of my muffins (Cherry Cheesecake) for breakfast. It was FANTASTIC.

Tommy went to work and I returned back home. I decided I better head into work to get caught up on some things. On my way to work I finally got in touch with Mindy who I hadnt seen in a few weeks. She was at home with one of the baby triplets so I invited myself over to her house to see her and baby Teagan. I also still had my muffins with me so I gave her one. I almost felt like it was May Day in October and I was delivering muffins instead of baskets.

After visiting with Mindy I made it into the office around 1015. I got a lot of work done (not enough but a lot) and left the office around 3pm. I decided to wash my car on the way home and there was no line at the car wash! Tommy and I got home within minutes of each other. I had started cleaning the house and Tommy decided to help me out. I got a lot of things cleaned up that had been bothering me for a few days months. I love how much more work gets done when two people are doing it.

While cleaning I had gathered up some items that I needed to return. Tommy offered to go run errands with me to return those items. I love it when I run errands and come home with more money then I left with. Also, I made a stop at Baby Gap and picked up some maternity jeans and a few shirts. I had a 30% off coupon in my email making my shopping experience that much more enjoyable! (Note: I love the maternity clothes I have found at Gap. I'd like to find another place to shop but whenever I shop online for clothes they same either too expensive or not my style at all).

Lastly, Tommy and I knew what we wanted for dinner. We wanted Huhot. There were a few problems, however. We refuse to pay $12.99 per dinner unless it is a special occasion. Also, neither of us were really dressed appropriately to sit down for a decent dinner. We decided to pull out a trick we have done once before. Huhot to go. Unfortunately, tonight it was my turn to be the sacrificial lamb. See, when you order Huhot to go they allow you to fill two bowls per one order. They also give you the salad and rice to go. Two bowls is more than enough for my husband and I together. Therefore, by ordering to go we are essentially eating for half the price. The only problem is the embarrassment you suffer when you go into Huhot by yourself and get all that food to go. Last time we ordered Huhot to go it lead to a big argument as to who was going to go make a fool by being the one to go in and order. I knew Tommy expected me to go this time, and I didnt want to argue with him disappoint him. (Note: I would have felt a little more confident going in and getting all that food had I wore my wedding ring. At least then when the staff saw me getting all that food they could at least know that somebody loved me).

Tommy and I enjoyed our Huhot. And now as I finish up this blog Tommy almost has the laundry folded, and I'm feeling my daughter move around quite a bit in my stomach. (So far this is my favorite part of pregnancy the only thing I like about pregnancy).

Tommy had one of the muffins as a snack this afternoon. I'm excited that I get to enjoy the last one tomorrow morning for breakfast. I hope that will help make tomorrow A Perfect Sunday.

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