Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness....

Remember a few weeks ago when the person in the drive thru randomly bought my coffee. That gesture had impacted by day in such a positive way that I have been making an effort to do spread random acts of kindness.

Here are some of my random acts of kindness:

1. Mailed some Halloween peeps to one of my girlfriends who I know loves peeps. She should get them in the mail tomorrow. I know when she gets them she will text me some exaggerated way how the peeps saved her day- and I cant wait to hear it! (Note: A client randomly brought me some Halloween M&Ms the other day that are white chocolate. They are so amazing. As soon as I find them at the store I plan on buying 10 packs of them and delivering 9 8 of them to my friends so they can enjoy!)

2. Letting people merge in front of me on the interstate or slowing down and allowing them into my lane even when they should have planned accordingly 15 seconds earlier.

3. I have stopped minimized fake shooting myself in the head behind a person's back when they say something really stupid to me.

4. I bought some of the secretaries lunch last week in appreciation for all their hard work. Double bonus since it was Jimmy Johns!

5. I skipped my favorite recordings on the DVR so Tommy's would record.

6. When a client brought me candy at work, I shared everything with the rest of the office.

Now I'm struggling with whether or not to actually post this blog because I feel like if this is what I consider to be random acts of kindness then I must be a real bitty. Most of these things I received a benefit from myself (peeps to a friend will lead to a funny and enjoyable conversation with my girlfriend; allowing people to merge is to secure my own safety and the safety of my baby; fake shooting myself in the head habit probably should have stopped at age 15; the secretaries really deserved much more than a $5 Jimmy Johns lunch; My TV shows repeat several times while Tommy's are only on one time; I haven't had much of a sweet tooth in my pregnancy (except KitKats), I took out the white chocolate m&ms, and probably wouldn't have eaten the rest of the candy anyway).

 Have you done anything thoughtful this week?

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