Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emi Survives Daycare and is still CUTE!

Emi and I survived her first day of daycare. My mom and I were so busy on Friday. When I spoke to Sherry, Emi's daycare provider, she said that Emi was "as good as gold." Of course my mom and I already knew this. The important lesson that we learned was while we were slaving away missing our little Emi, she wasn't missing us at all. That's good right?

Emi has always been a little chatter box. But now she is so interactive it is great. Emi laughs so hard when I pretend eat her fingers and toes. She also thinks its funny when Tommy pretends bump foreheads with her. She, however, does not find it funny when Tommy pretends to eat her fingers or toes or I pretend bump foreheads with her.

Emi really is a mix of both Tommy and I. She defiantely has more of his facial features. And she is quite laid back, which is also Tommy. But she is chatty and smiley like me. 

In the picture above. Emi is chatting daddy's ear off about something. We are not sure what but she does this every morning. Its so animated! One of the highlights of my day. I think it is a highlight of Tommy's day too because he always beats me out of bed to go get her out of her crib.

Did the Easter Bunny arrive late to the Takekawa's? No, that's just Emi in her bunny towel!

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