Sunday, April 22, 2012

Emi's First Tooth

Wow! Wow! That's all I can say. I thought this post would be MONTHS away! (Actually I had no idea how soon babies get their first tooth, but after researching this I find that this is crazy!). Let me tell you how it all went down:

I was over at my friend Mindy's house to help celebrate her husband's 40th birthday. Her sister, Megan, was holding Emi. As she went to give Emi back to me she said "Is that a tooh?" I looked at her confused- "I don't think so."  (Note to self: Next time just say yes! Then you will not feel like a bad parent for not knowing your child had a tooth!) She responded "Hmmm, it must be a blister or something." Okay Okay, now I know my Emi would not have blisters in her mouth so I wanted to investigate further. "Wash your hands" I asked of Megan. Wisely, I knew if I stuck my finger in her mouth I'd have no idea if what I was feeling was a tooth or not. Megan is a mom, I knew she would know. Sure enough- its a tooth! Just to make sure, Mindy, who has three daughters currently teething, came over and gave it a good feel! Emi has her first tooth!
As we drove home I kept feeling so guilty. She must be in pain. She must be uncomfortable. How can I have missed the fact that my daughter got her very first tooth!?! I called my mom to tell her the news. I could tell by her reaction she thought I was full of crap but knew I was too smart to lie about something that is so easily proven.

The following Monday I had lunch with my friend, Kimber Dr. Kimber Barto, D.D.S. I was a little nervous that my Emi was getting teeth so soon, and I thought I had heard about babies having their teeth pulled when they came in too early. But Dr. Barto says Emi will be just fine!

Now, what's next?!

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  1. I think my favorite part of this post is the part where you have lunch with a dentist. I literally laughed out loud. Are you really surprised Baby Emi is ahead of the curve?