Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite Months...

Do you remember me posting about the amount of time that I spend a week thinking about what my favorite day of the week is? (If not- you should know that Sundays are amazing. I love Sundays. And every Sunday I think about how much I love it).  Well, my friend recently posted about her favorite month so I spent considerable amounts of time this morning ranking them, and here is what I came up with:

Most favorite to least favorite:

1. December (lots of PTO and the spirit of Christmas! Oh, and my anniversary of course!)
2. May (weather is finally getting nice and pool opens!)
3. June (lots of bbqs and time with family and friends. I LOVE summer).
4. July (lots of lazy summer days, fun on the boat, fun at the pool, and fun with friends and family!)
5. October (the start of the fall and the yummy scents that come with fall (and cool house decor that I have for the fall).
6. November (this month always seems to fly and I get TWO days of paid time off. Rock on, BLG!)
7. April (Tommy and my birthday are in this month and so we usually do something special to celebrate. Last year we went to Vegas... that is sounding kind of nice right now!)
8. August (I love August but it always is a sign of the end of summer, and although I do not have kids in school or am a teacher, summer is always just different in a better kind of way.)
9. February (I really don't like February but it doesn't go to the bottom because it only has 28 days and Emi's birthday is in February!)
10. September (I'm failing to find anything good about this month right now other than the weather isn't as bad as March usually.)
11. March (See notes regarding September.)
12. January (This month drags and drags and drags- especially when you are 9 months pregnant. The excitement of Christmas is over and nice weather is MONTHS away!)

I really only dislike February, September, March and January. So pretty much the coming of April is very good news!

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  1. NICE! you forgot that Uncle John and I were both born in February. And What about Valentine's day or President's day? I am really trying to move Feb. up your list. Although, I agree with most of your other thoughts.