Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

(Note: I wrote this on Thursday but could not get my pictures to download so I'm late posting it).

I'm always thankful for my Emi. I'm also thankful for the time my mom has been taking her so that I can focus on getting my work done faster while I am there.

I'm thankful for this little gadget that I purchased on It is a garage door sensor. Right now it is green telling me that my garage door is closed. If it were open, it would be blinking red. Its nice to have this at my mission control center (aka: bedroom nightstand which also houses cell phone charger, baby monitor, remote control, lighting remote control and breast pump). I can hardly remember anything these days, so its nice to have this light to assure me at least my garage door is closed.

I'm thankful for Emi's new best friend, Mr. Octopus, which is part of her Einstein Baby Ocean Play Mat. She laughs and smiles more at that Octopus than anything else. It's super cute!

I'm thankful for my kitchen jewelry.

If you remember, about a month ago, I wrote a post about spousonomics, comparing your household chores to your economy. Well... here's the status of the takekawa economy:

Update: I'm thankful for a new Chinese restaurant I recently found out about in Johnston, Chopsticks. The food is fantastic!

I'm also thankful that i'm two half projects away from my winter/fall project list. If you remember- there were ten things I wanted to get done in this past fall and winter including new carpet, new nursery, buying bedroom furniture, et cetera. All I have left to do is switch out the door knobs and hinges and finish putting on some light switch plates in the basement. This spring and summer I am just going to  do the landscaping around the pool!

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