Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Friend, Giuliana

Perhaps you know my friend, Giuliana Rancic (nee DePandi). She co-hosts E! News with Ryan Secrest and is married to Season 1 Apprentice winner, Bill Rancic. Giuliana doesn't know we're friends, but I have no doubt that if she did know she would not mind at all.

A few weeks ago Tommy was able to find a link on the internet so that I could watch her show "Giuliana and Bill" which airs on the Style Network. We have the less expensive cable plan which provides forty five thousand channels of ESPN, but no Style. Had I know about this link previously, I would have taken more maternity leave. I love her show! Seriously, if you have never seen it- its a MUST! Basically Giuliana and Bill is a reality show that follows these lovebirds around. In the last two years it focused more on her infertility as her and her husband tried (and failed) IVF two times. Season 5 (the current season) focuses on them preparing for their third (and final) round of IVF when Giuliana (age 36) finds out she has breast cancer! Prior to her finding out about her breast cancer they had successful stored two embryos. Because Giuliana had breast cancer she cannot safety undergo IVF for 3-5 years (she had a double mastectomy but apparently the surge of estrogen would increase the changes of her cancer coming back). With the two embryos they elected to have implanted in a gestational carrier. This past week they announced that the embryos took and they are expecting late summer! Wow! What a crazy story! They always say real life is stranger than fiction.

Here are the top reasons I am friends with Giuliana:

1. She was born in Italy and moved to the States at age 9. Giuliana and Bill went back to Italy to get married and failed to read up on international full faith and credit and did not realize for a year that their marriage was not recognized in the U.S. So funny!

2. She has the most amazing vocabulary. Think words like "Amazeballs" or "cutes".

3. Giuliana and Bil call each other by their last names. So Bil calls Giuliana "DePandi." and Giuliana calls Bill "Rancic."  I've started this trend around the office, and I really think its picking up. :-)

4. She basically has my dream job of being an entertainment journalist.

Watch the show. You and Giluana could be friends too!

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