Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Check's in the Mail

I had the following conversation with my mortgage company today:

Me: "Hello?"
(Long pause indicating that I shodul hang up because its probably mediacom or some other annoying person calling me.)
US Bank: "Hi, is Dawn available?"
Me: "Yes, this is Dawn."
US Bank: "I'm calling to talk to you about your March mortgage payment."
Me: "What about it?"
US Bank: "Did you make it?"
Me: "Well, its getting paid tomorrow with my bill pay." (I'm starting to really hate this conversation because I hate when people say that payment is or has been paid and you never see that money- and I'm not that person.)
US Bank: "Well, it was due on the first."
Me: Yah, I know.  But its not late until the 15th, right?
(long pause).
US Bank: "No, its late on the 16th,"
Me: "Okay, well its only the 9th tomorrow, so its not late."
US Bank: "Okay, so you are using your grace period this month?"
(Note: This is where the conversation should have ended.)
Me: "Yes, I'm using my grace period this month just like I use it every single month and you've never called me about it before."
US Bank: "Ok, well we are just providing this courtesy call to you in case you forgot or something. Some people forget to pay their mortgage"
Me: "Well, that's really bad news."
US Bank: "What?"
Me: "Am I the only person who uses their grace period?"
US Bank: "No everybody does."
Me: "Well, that's a lot of phone calls that you are going to have to make."
US Bank: "What?"
Me in a louder voice: "You're going to have to call a lot of people if everybody uses their grace period."
US Bank: "Well, are you sure you are going to make your payment tomorrow? We have hardship programs if you need it."
Me now irritated: "Yes, I'm sure it will get paid. Its not late until the 15th."
US Bank: "No, it's late on the 16th."

Me, beyond irritated with the conversation, finally hang up.

Did US Bank have extra stimulus money that they decided they would call all their note holders whose payments were not even delinquent? Other than providing jobs to people who otherwise wouldn't have one this phone call served zero purpose.

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