Thursday, March 1, 2012

She's my daughter...

Since Emi has been born most people think that she is about 95% Tommy and about 5% me. Fortunately for Emi, she got Tommy's looks and my personality! I know- I know she isn't even four weeks old, how can she have much of a personality yet, you ask? Oh, she does!

Often in my life people have told me that I do not need to say anything because what I am thinking can be read by my facial expressions. This is a lovely trait that was passed down to me by my mother. It has often gotten me in trouble over the years. This morning after I got done feeding Emi I laid her head on my chest to burp her. Apparently she was not pleased that I chose to lay her down on her left said because as she lifted her head up to lay on her right side she looked up at me and expressed "Hey, Lady! Other side!" Sometimes when I am nursing her and I try to reach for the remote or my phone causing an interruption in her meal she looks at me and says "What the [expletive]?" before she latches back on. Even Tommy noticed her giving me a dirty look last night when I interrupted her meal! She is also not fond of her daddy's snoring. While we were up at 3am last night her daddy was snoring away, she looked up and said to me "How are we supposed to be enjoy our time together with that fool making all that noise?!"

Also, Emi was cursed blessed by inheriting the "Vos" nose! I remember when I first learned I had a big nose. It was 8th grade. The b*tch informant was a 9th grader by the name of Erica Daniels. When she told me I had a big nose I absolutely did not believe her. I went home and asked my sister if I had a big nose to which she responded "Well, it's not THAT big."

Also like me, Emi asks a lot of questions. Here she is practicing raising her hand in her sleep!

The experts say you are supposed to talk often to your newborn. This is something I am struggling with right now. I mostly find myself saying to her... are you hungry... you're so beautiful... your diaper stinks. I decided that maybe I should read her a book, but her books aren't really that interesting. I mean, once she is a little bit older, I have no problem reading them to her but right now she can't even look at the pictures. So then I decided I was going to tell her a story but then I decided most of my stories are not appropriate for a 4 week old. So... I'm back to telling her she is beautiful and asking her if she is hungry.

Emi will be one month on Saturday. For my blog readers, this means its been at least one month since I have blogged about something other than Emi.

This weekend is a big weekend for me Emi as she is going to be introduced to a bottle. I have a few obligations coming up which will result in me being away from her for more than a few hours. Therefore I need to get her used to a bottle before that time.

I hope you all have a joyful weekend!

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