Thursday, March 22, 2012

I've Made It!

I've made it. In life- I have made it. At least according to a standard I made up when I first set my eyes on a Kitchen Aid Mixer- say 2002. I always wanted a KA mixer. I'm not sure why. But to me, the KA mixer says "I have arrived.... I am successful... I have it all." Beyond that, its beauty is like the jewelry to a kitchen. I am not much of a baker. I have never found that my hand mixer did not meet my needs in the kitchen. In January Tommy and I were at Costco. They had these gorge Kitchen Aid mixers and they had a mail-in rebate. Moral of the story- it was a super deal- and you know how I feel about super deals. So we bought that bad boy and brought it into the house where it sat in its box... month after month. I didn't forget about it. I knew it was there. I had thought about it many times. I thought "I don't deserve this mixer. I don't need this mixer. I should return this mixer and pay for one week of Emi's daycare." But I wanted it.

Earlier in the week one of my friends had posted on facebook that she had bought the KA mixer and forgot to save the box for her rebate. Friend after friend posted on her wall what I already suspected- that she was beyond lucky to be owning this mixer. I posted on her wall as well- I wanted to see what her thoughts were about this mixer, knowing she literally had just thrown a $30 rebate down the drawn. She loved it. And she loved it for all the right wrong reasons. As she said "The mixer does a great job whipping up my boxed mixes, and it looks so pretty sitting in my kitchen." It was obvious that this friend and all the friends who had responded to the post defined the mixer the same way I did. I still did not feel worthy, and I told Tommy that we needed to return it. I compared it to us buying an expensive dog leash. (We do not own a dog). I said we need this mixer about as bad as we need a dog leash (though some will say I must already own one). Tommy said it was the stupidest analogy he had ever heard. So... we unpacked it and we actually used it. We whipped up some homemade peanut butter cookies... and they were the best cookies I have ever had. I've been trying to copy Palmer's peanut butter cookies. I finally did- and at $1.95 per cookie at Palmers- I really have just made an investment into my future. Tommy also claims that the reason we should keep the mixer is because he thinks Emi and I will create memories with it.

Moral of the story is the KA mixer rocks. I love it, but that does not mean I have made it in life. I will still go to work tomorrow sometime.

On a related note, I bought Tommy this cookbook. He had read in a magazine that it was an awesome cookbook. We checked it out at the library. We liked it so we purchased it for $20 on I used the peanut butter recipe out of the cookbook. I love this cook book because it explains in detail why you should use certain ingredients and the effect it has in the food. For a person like me who has a lot of questions- this is great.
Notice our baby monitor in the background. I just had to include it since I love it so much. I watched Emi in the monitor while Tommy and I baked the cookies. Something tells me that when Tommy was talking about making memories with Emi on with the mixer this was not what he was envisioning.

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  1. Just a word of warning, Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drop your kitchen aid on your glass top stove. Check out my blog for the disastrous results. BTW, your KA will knead that bread dough for you!