Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Things...

Here are ten thoughts from today:

1. I love E! Channel! You know how much time I can waste a day watching that? Fashion Police, E! News, Kardashians, E! True Hollywood Story! I'm now finishing up a special of Hollywood's 15 Most Tragic Deaths. On a side, did I ever tell you that I have always felt my calling in life was writing in the entertainment industry?

2. My Trickster Daugther! There is not much I know yet about being a parent, but one thing I do know is when my daughter is hungry. See, she feeds between 8-10 times a day and considering that she is 10 days old... I've fed her anywhere between 80-100 times already. Still, my mother in law insists that I am not feeding my child enough because she moves her head around as if she is hunting for my nipple. Ironically she only does this when she is down in the living room with my mother in law and I am up in the bedroom. Tommy will then bring Emi to me and say that she is hungry. Emi will then sit contently on my chest and fall asleep... not needing a thing to eat. I contend she just wants to be by mommy so that is her way of manipulating the situation. Well played, Emi. Well played.

3. Isn't the female body (not mine in particular- just in general) pretty amazing? Below are pics of me at 39 weeks, 36 weeks, and 10 days post birth? I can't believe how much my body has changed over the last 6 weeks. More so, I cant believe the work that my body did to produce such a little miracle and the work that it is still doing to provide for her.

4. Candy. Have I ever told you that my favorite candy is Easter candy? I was so thrilled when I was at the store the other day and saw the Easter candy out. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my Valentine Malted Milk Balls. These treats are amazing. They have "milk" in them so they must be healthy, right?

5. Okaboji Bar and Grill. I do not like this place; however, on Mondays they have $5.99 burger baskets which are very good. There is also one about 1/2 mile from my house. For the quality of food and the price, it doesn't get much better than that. Especially when you get to take it "to go."

6. Winter Projects. Don't think this new mom has forgotten about her winter project list. Remember the ten things I wanted to accomplish before the winter season was over? Last night my mom picked me up and we went out to Menards. The door levers I need were on sale plus right now Menards has an 11% rebate on everything (including the Easter candy I bought!). While the door levers are still in their box, buying the materials is often half of the battle. I still may get my list accomplished prior to Spring!

7. Emi's photo. Remember those cute owl pic stickers that my sister got Emi for Christmas? Here is her newborn pic. Such a cutie!

8. My Crazy Mind! So I told Tommy last night that I was totally ready to have another baby once my stitches heal. He looked at my kind of surprised: "Don't you remember the labor?" Hmmm.... I must not. I also learned that Tommy actually did not see her delivery because he was so worried about me and was only paying attention to me. And that would be the last time he worried about me before Emi...

9. Tommy and I swear that Emi smiles at us already. I've researched this on the Internet and they confirm its not possible that she is smiling socially and rather it is a reflex that she has. Regardless.... isn't this face to die for?!

10. We LOVE visitors here! Great Grandma stopped by yesterday with Uncle D and Auntie B. Its always a treat when Great Grandma is here. Last time she panicked us by saying "Hey, I don't think this baby is breathing!" She was just fine. Lol. Yesterday she told me that I was doing a good job feeding Emi because "this baby already has a double chin!"

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  1. of course she is smiling!!! why wouldn't she?! she's got it made :)