Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mail Bag....

I LOVE getting the mail on Friday and Saturday. Generally it is because this arrives in the mail:

I love getting my US Weekly magazine because I know a nice hot relaxing bath with a good read is in my near future.

Today in the mail I also got a few additional surprises.

First, Emi got her first Doctor's bill. I have two thoughts about this. One, it is really crazy to see "Emi Takekawa" on the bill. Second, if you have thirty days to add somebody to your insurance, why do all the doctors' offices immediately send out bills without even attempting to run them through insurance. It seems like a big waste of mail to me.

Here is Emi's first bill:

Emi hides her eyes as Mommy opens the bill. Don't worry, Emi. Mommy will take care of it. This bill brought me back to the Doctor's office visit on Thursday when I took on my first "official" mom duty by signing as Emi's parent. As I signed these forms for her, I didn't feel nearly responsible to be her parent, but I sucked it up, signed my name, and didn't call my mom.

But the most special thing that arrived in the mail today was this:

This is a letter from "Dr. Amy" the Doctor who delivered Emi. In case you can't read the picture, this is what it says:

"Dear Dawn & Tommy,
It was a pleasure to meet you both and an honor to deliver your beautiful daughter! I wish you a lifetime of joy!
Dr. Amy"

I had to hold back the tears as I read this little note from Dr. Amy. I realize that her and I only met briefly and that if she remembers me its only because, as she described to the PA Student with her, I had an unusually long umbilical cord, but I just find it so special that she took the moment to send this little note!

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  1. We had 60 days to add little Zion and I swear we got a bill 15 days after I delivered. And we were subsequently billed twice before he was finally added and insurance paid it.

    How sweet that you got a note from your doctor. It's really the little things.