Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Emi Update

Here are some random thoughts since Tommy and I have become parents:

- Apparently I am bilingual. I speak "Baby." Tommy does not. Me: "Can you grab me a onsie?" Tommy: "I don't know what that is." Me: "You know... the little t-shirts that you put on as the first layer for the baby." Tommy: "Oh, I thought those were called t-shirts."  Or there was this conversation: Me: "Can you grab me the boppy?" Tommy: What the h*ll is the boppy." Me: "The little green pillow in Emi's nursery that I use to feed her." Tommy: "Why don't you just call it the green pillow." And the list goes on. On another note, Tommy is speaking Spanish and Japanese to her all the time. I have no idea what he is saying to her, but I just wait to hear "mama" and then know the baby is coming back to me. I've got a lot to learn.

- I am SO glad we did not name Emi "Giuliana." This occurred to me when I called to schedule her first doctor's appointment. After spelling her last name not less than 5 times to the receptionist, I was so thankful that I only had to spell her first name once, and was even more thankful it was only three letters!

- I have always heard that the Asian gene is a very strong gene. I did not believe it because I always thought Tommy looked equally Asian and Hispanic. Well... Emi has confirmed the strength of the Asian gene.

- After I feed Emi she lays on my chest and we reminisce about the good ol' days when we went and got coffee together in the mornings and went everywhere together!

- I feel guilty for saying this because I know so many new moms struggle with difficult babies- but Emi is really easy going. Last night she must have cried for two minutes which was a new record for her. She only fusses when she was struggling to feed and its usually for less than 30 seconds. It didn't bother me that much but when Tommy woke up this morning he said: "Last night was horrible! She cried for almost two minutes!" Most of the time we just sit and look at each other. She sleeps all the time and when she is awake she just looks around just as happy as can be. Getting up every two hours to feed her last night was a bit exhausting- but I keep wondering when/if it is going to get more difficult. (I also know that it is easier with Emi since Tommy and my mother in law are here. After I feed her I can hand her off to one of them to hold her and love her for awhile so I can get other things done). It's nice not to have to worry about her.

- I am surprised how Emi knows the exact moment I remove the dirty diaper to put a clean one under her and uses that moment to relieve herself. Tommy keeps telling me he is surprised I haven't learned my lesson yet and found another technique.

Here are some updated pics of Emi:

Looks like mama needs to invest in some tanning minutes.

 Grandma Takekawa brought home these cute Japanese baby clothes when she was in Japan in December. Emi models them quite well.

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