Sunday, January 22, 2012


I mentioned on Thursday how I was looking forward the the baby showers on Friday and Saturday. Let me tell you that it did not disappoint.

On Friday the bosses treated us to lunch from Chips (I got to choose and I heard him yell from his office "You had to pick the most expensive place." For the record, I was debating between Chips and Palmers, and I am pretty certain Palmers would have cost more!). I was so surprised when all my co-workers came with little pink bags for BGT and I. I mean, I am not going to say I was surprised that BGT and I received gifts, but I was surprised by the thoughtfulness and generosity of my co-workers. My secretary baked a cake, Connie planned some games, and people picked out some wonderful things for BGT and I. Jim even bit his tongue as the shower went long through the lunch hour!

Here are some pics from the shower:

Our conference room has never seen so much pink!

I think what made my work shower so special is that I spend so much time with these people every week. We have very stressful moments, and most all of us are doing our jobs primarily to support our lives and not because we love it so much we would even do it without pay. My coworkers did not choose me, and I did not choose them. It is nice to see that even though we spend so much time together that is not always the most pleasant, and even though we did not choose each other, they still care about me and BGT enough to celebrate. They are wonderful!!

We did play this fun interesting game in which everybody got a string and had to cut it to the size in which they though my belly was. Jim wisely opted out. The winner of the game still overshot my belly size by about 9 inches. :-) My secretary, Erin, won. She is quite wise.

On Saturday, my Aunt Nita and cousin, Christi, hosted a shower for me. Unfortunately Christi got sick and was not able to make it. I'm sure that is really disappointing for her as she did a wonderful job planning it and was not able to see how it all turned out.

Let me just say this: I love my friends and family. I'm so lucky to actually get to enjoy the time I spend with my family. And my friends, of course, I picked them out. So obviously they are wonderful! My Aunt and Cousin are quite the party planners, and continued the owl theme. I got lots of goodies to add to BGT's scrapbook and keepsake box.

My Aunt said she forgot "a dip." I'm still not sure if she was talking about the chips or a family member she forgot to invite. ;-)

My Aunt had no idea that I have been eating chocolate cupcakes like it is nobody's business. It was the perfect treat. Also, we had "cake balls" from that bakery in Ankeny. They were as fantastic as you have heard.
 Loved the owl theme!

Kudos to my sister for making this diaper wreath! She didn't even tell me she made it. My mom told me later. So impressed!

This is probably my favorite picture since I last photographed my nursery. In this picture is me: Due February 4; Erin, my sis, due March 27; Laura, my girlfriend, due April 30; and Kimber, my girlfriend, due May 14.

First let me just go ahead and say I LOOK HUGE! I knew I put on 4 pounds in the last two weeks, but holy cow! I literally had no idea that I looked like that. In fact, I saw my sister for the first time in a few weeks on Friday night.

When she left I said to Tommy "Don't Erin and I look the same size?"
Tommy said "Ah, no."
I said "Really? I think we do."
Tommy said "Well, I guess I didn't really look."

Well, clearly Tommy did look but wisely choose not to have that discussion with me. I am also thinking that a lot of that baby weight must come on starting at week 32, right? Erin, Laura and Kimber look great!

No wonder my coworkers all guessed me 12 inches bigger than I am. If I saw that I probably would have demanded another string!

I'm so excited for BGT to have so may friends her age already! Erin, Laura and Kimber are all having boys. (Erin and Laura's gender have been confirmed by modern science. I am relying on the Chinese birth chart for Kimber's gender!) Normally this is where I would go on and on about how bummed I am that al of their kids are boys. Then Tommy kindly reminds me of Mindy's triplets and not to be too greedy! He is right. Once we factor in the Guerra Triplets, the girls still out number the boys!

Before I tell you what this is, don't you think I just look Asian holding it? That was not planned for me to have my legs crossed like that or anything.
This is what I am holding. Laura, my beyond crafty friends who claims to not be crafty at all, made this Sushi Baby for me. It is wash cloths, hairbows, and onsies all wrapped up to look like sushi on a nice sushi platter with chopsticks. She knows how much I appreciate a well executed Pinterest project especially with a flair of Asian!

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