Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that tomorrow I will be "full term!" I cant believe how fast time has gone. I feel so fortunate to have had such an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy. In fact, at my last doctor's appointment the doctor told me that I was "the perfect patient." Of course he was only looking at weight gain, blood pressure, baby's growth and urine samples. Had his paperwork disclosed the number of times I have forgotten my prenatal vitamin, the number of cans have sodas I've consumed during the pregnancy, and the number of cupcakes I had eaten in the past week, I probably would not have gotten such high marks!

I'm thankful for all the work that has gotten done at my house over the past week. I'm so glad to have my hubby and parent's help in getting stuff organized and ready. I think the motivation was somewhat sparked when last Friday I was already dilated to 1! It was a sudden realization that this baby is coming soon!

I'm thankful for all the people out there who are nice to pregnant people. I love how when I am running into them with my grocery cart they still apologize to me. I love how when I feel like a giant pick up truck they tell me I look tiny. I love how they open the doors for me and look at me like I'm the sweetest thing because I've got this baby bump. I hope this continues once I have a small child!

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