Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's A Wonderful Life

Proud of all my accomplishments on Saturday (working 6 hours, doing three loads of laundry, preparing paperwork for an upcoming financial planning meeting, running errands, registering for daycare, updating blog, getting my eyebrows waxed) I vowed to make it a relaxing Sunday. And it was for the most part.

I had a good nights' sleep which can be a rarity these days. Tommy and I finally got around to going out to breakfast (a Sunday tradition) and decided to go to a movie. Tommy loves going to the movies. I feel average about going to the movies. I mostly just hate paying so much money to see a movie that I can rent a few months later for a dollar. After I suggested the idea I immediately regretted it and bit my tongue until the movie started as I wanted to suggest different things to do instead. We saw Contraband. It was a really good movie, and I really enjoyed spending time doing something Tommy wanted to do.

We made our first trip to the maternity ward... for a tour. It is a sense of relief knowing which parking lot to park in, what door to enter and which floor to go to. Unfortunately I came down with a case of the giggles during the tour. When another lady asked the nurse if she was still supposed to park in that parking lot when they come for the actual delivery the nurse kindly reminded her that she in fact should park her car in a parking spot and not leave it running at the front door. I immediately felt better about myself knowing that I would at least know I needed to park my car in the lot. I was surprised about how simple the delivery rooms are. I expected more.... I don't know what... I just expected more. The most shocking part of the tour was the security cords they put on the babies to prevent theft! Scary!

My sense of relief and preparedness was short lived when I got home and read my friend, Laura's blog. She is due at the end of April and was stressing about some things in preparation for her child. One of those things was to find an outfit and props for her baby's hospital photos. Hospital photos?! What?! I mean, I had a few cute things packed in her bag, but I did not know there was a formal photo session. It instantly reminded me of my kindergarten pictures in which I arrived at school on picture day only to find my classmates dressed in their Sunday best while I had on a hand-me-down teddy bear sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. It took my mom five years to forget to dress me for a photo session, and I was about to fail my child in the first 48 hours of her life! I immediately packed some extra cute clothes into the hospital bag, and started throwing stuff together for my own bag. I can now breath easy until her next post.

The anticipation of BGT's arrival is what is probably the most stressful thing right now. It is getting a little harder to move everyday, but I still would say I have had a very blessed pregnancy.

I can see Tommy's anticipation growing as well. While he still tries to act low key when I ask him questions about the birthing process in which neither of us have a clue about, by the next morning he has researched the heck out of the subject and fills me in on his findings in the morning. He is also growing a bit more protective of BGT as well. Today at the movies there were two teenagers purchasing tickets in front of us. They were young and in love. They could not keep their hands off each other. I would describe it as borderline inappropriate for public, but I would also say I have seen worse. As we walked away from the ticket counter Tommy turns to me and says "I just want to kill that kid." I said "Huh, what?" Tommy: "Didn't you see that kid and the way he had his hands all over that girl? If that were my daughter, I would kill him!" It made me laugh...

Many people are wondering if we have picked out a name. The plan still is to choose between the three names (Giuliana, Emme and Sofia) once we see her. We do have middle name options Kay, Mae, Marie or Joy. I will say that Tommy referred to BGT as "Emme" three times today, and I am hopeful that means it is creeping its way into first place on his list!

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